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1st January 1970

This year is the first year we will be attending the Call and Contact Centre Expo. Last year our parent company M12 Solutions attended and they noticed that amongst all the other people trying to sell Contact Centres, there was a huge gap. No-one was catering for connectivity. There were suppliers throughout the expo focusing on high numbers of features, omni-channel communications, better security and high growth. But what no-one seemed to be realising was that underpinning all this, fast connectivity is essential. Without secure, reliable, fast internet connectivity, those contact centres cannot be productive. They won’t reach their full potential.

For contact centres, slow internet means slower response times, longer queues and less efficiency. This could even mean more agents are needed, which increases overheads dramatically.

Unreliable internet means downtime and disruption and that in turn means lost business, longer wait times and dropped calls. Businesses cannot allow this to continue.

M12 Solutions have been supplying call and contact centres for years and our customers know that connectivity is king. They rest assured that they can rely on our connection and don’t need to worry about downtime, slow speeds, lost calls or inefficiency. Our key features such as omni channel communication, heightened security, resilience and scalability are strongly backed by secure, reliable Gigabit connections.

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