Reduce downtime & critical loss

Resiliency & backups

Giganet leased lines are highly reliable from the get-go, as they are delivered using point-to-point fibre circuits. Even still, a fault or an outage that’s out of our control could happen.

That’s why, for organisations whose connectivity is mission-critical, we recommend designing a truly resilient connection. Having diverse, dedicated and resilient options means you can design your network with no single point of failure if you wish. So you stay connected, no matter what.

We have a number of solutions to provide a fully resilient offering, including RO2 solutions, for complete peace of mind.

Keep your business online

Avoid mission-critical service loss

With our resiliency solutions, your business has the facilities in place to avoid downtime and increase productivity.

Our RO2 solutions bring a greater level of reliability to your network, so there is no single point of failure. This allows your single or multi-premises network to avoid mission-critical loss and avoid long periods of service loss.


Keep security at the forefront

Keeping your businesses online is critical in the 21st century. Our resiliency solutions, including SD-WAN and MPLS, help reduce the risks around security and allow you to closely monitor your network.

From reducing DDoS attacks, identifying potential security risks and increasing network uptime. We can tailor a solution to your requirements and help you implement the right setup.


Award-winning business internet

Giganet is one of the UK’s fastest-growing ISPs and we are proud to be recognised by our peers in the communication industry. We have won over 35 industry awards in recent years, including the prestigious ‘Overall Fibre Provider of the Year’ at the 2022 Fibre Provider Awards.

As well as winning ‘High Growth Tech Company’ and ‘Employer of the Year’ at the 2022 South Coast Tech Awards, we have been highly commended for awards including ‘Best Rural Fibre Provider’ and ‘Fibre Provider Investment’.

Awards won including Overall Fibre Provider and Broadband provider of the year

Why choose Giganet?

Top infrastructure

Your business needs industry-leading infrastructure. Giganet provides businesses across the UK with the dedicated reliable connectivity they need.

Best in reliability

Our solutions offer the most cutting-edge technology to ensure your business remains connected and communicating at all times. With proactive monitoring 24/7/365, your business is in safe hands.


As an award-winning, Fibre Provider of the Year internet service provider, we take pride in the quality of service we offer. Our team is here to help your business.