Leased lines for business

Harness the power of our hyperfast and hyper-reliable gigabit leased lines for your business. Our leased lines provide your business with fast, reliable and affordable internet connectivity.

Get in touch with our business team by calling 0800 107 8888, and we can help you scale your business with resilient connectivity.

  • Dedicated & symmetrical fibre leased lines
  • Industry-leading, financially backed SLAs
  • UK-based, in-house customer support
  • No support queues or long wait times
Leased lines

Dedicated bandwidth, no interruptions.

Cost effective

Our aim is to provide a great-priced service for all customers. We have agreements with multiple vendors in order to get the best price, service, delivery and functionality for your business.


Our network is fully built and owned by Giganet and its partners. With no third parties, this gives us the edge in ensuring reliability and uptime are at the forefront of our service.


Our business is driven to provide a sustainable service wherever possible. From reducing our carbon footprint, to planting trees. We’re hot on helping the planet.

UK-based support

As an award-winning Internet Service Provider, we take pride in the quality of service we offer. Our in-house support team and engineers are here to help.

End of contract reviews

Our experts will make sure that your business is on the best deal we have available. You can call us anytime to discuss your options.

Redundancy solutions

Our high-grade connectivity solutions offer an industry-leading level of redundancy, allowing your business & premises to stay connected.


Leased lines bring big benefits

Having a dedicated leased line to your business premises allows your employees and customers to communicate effectively.

A leased line offers one of the most reliable, fastest internet connections available. It also provides your business with a more effective connection and faster repair times, with our industry-leading SLAs.

  • Most reliable business connectivity option
  • Faster than standard business broadband
  • Resilient with less downtime and faster response times
Leased lines

Our leased line solutions

  100 Mb/s Estimated
From £219.00 Per month
  • Dedicated leased line
  • 6 hour guaranteed fix
  • Free install
  • UK customer service
Up to 100 Mb/s
Up to 100 Mb/s
Guaranteed Wired Speed
100 Mb/s
  200 Mb/s Estimated
From £244.00 Per month
  • Dedicated leased line
  • 6 hour guaranteed fix
  • Free install
  • UK customer service
Up to 200 Mb/s
Up to 200 Mb/s
Guaranteed Wired Speed
200 Mb/s
  1 Gb/s Estimated
From £333.00 Per month
  • Dedicated leased line
  • 6 hour guaranteed fix
  • Free install
  • UK customer service
Up to 1 Gb/s
Up to 1 Gb/s
Guaranteed Wired Speed
1 Gb/s
*Packages and prices may vary depending on your location. Check your postcode to see availability.

Supporting all industries

Giganet provides dedicated leased lines with redundancy and scalability at its core, to all industries in the UK.

From hospitality businesses, media companies, and manufacturing, to schools and public services – we are connecting every organisation type to future-proofed connectivity.

Our leased lines are not the only services we offer. We provide businesses with connectivity and telephony solutions that keep their business online and working efficiently.

Woman browsing internet on laptop powered by Giganet connectivity

Award-winning business connectivity

Giganet is one of the UK’s fastest-growing ISPs and we are proud to be recognised by our peers in the communication industry. We have won over 35 industry awards in recent years, including the prestigious ‘Overall Fibre Provider of the Year’ at the 2022 Fibre Provider Awards.

As well as winning ‘High Growth Tech Company’ and ‘Employer of the Year’ at the 2022 South Coast Tech Awards, we have been highly commended for awards including ‘Best Rural Fibre Provider’ and ‘Fibre Provider Investment’.

Awards won including Overall Fibre Provider and Broadband provider of the year

Why choose Giganet?

Top infrastructure

Your business needs industry-leading infrastructure. Giganet provides businesses across the UK with the dedicated reliable connectivity they need.

Best in reliability

Our solutions offer the most cutting-edge technology to ensure your business remains connected and communicating at all times. With proactive monitoring 24/7/365, your business is in safe hands.


As an award-winning, Fibre Provider of the Year internet service provider, we take pride in the quality of service we offer. Our team is here to help your business.


Leased line FAQs

  • How does Giganet compare to other providers?

    Our motto is Full Fibre. Honestly. And that’s what we do. We offer the very best full fibre services and we are honest with our customers.

    • We only offer full fibre broadband (not fake fibre).
    • We keep our contracts short and have no exit fees, to give you the choice to stay because you want to, not because you have to.
    • We keep our pricing simple, without complex and misleading deals or introductory offers that hike your price after a couple of months or at the end of your contract.
    • We won’t bombard you with marketing offers to get you to take TV/ mobile/ other services, and we don’t track your web usage or advertising.
    • All our service and support advisors are based in our Hampshire office and you can get in touch easily.


  • Can I have a static IP address for business?

    Yes! All business broadband packages come with a single static IP address*.

    You can add additional ones for a small charge. Just ask our friendly team.

    *Static IP addresses are subject to availability.

  • What does it mean if I can’t see my address?

    I can't find my address Guaranteed speeds Giganet full fibreIf you can’t see your address listed in the drop down, don’t panic! 9 times out of 10 we can get this sorted.

    However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can receive full fibre services straight away. To help speed up the process, the first thing you can do is make sure you address is registered with Royal Mail and your local council.

    If it is registered but you still cannot see it, please contact us via as there are extra checks we can do behind the scenes. We’d love to get you connected.