Connect multiple SITES VIRTUALLY

Connect your sites with MPLS

Our MPLS VPNs are secure, private, uncontended networks that can connect two or more sites together over a diverse range of circuit types, including FTTC/FTTP broadband and Ethernet. It’s backed with 99.99% uptime, so you can connect with confidence.

Retain your private addressing and keep your routing tables small, with no encryption overhead.

MPLS solutions
Give your business the edge

Why choose MPLS with Giganet

Ongoing monitoring

Your Private Wide Area Network is fully managed and monitored by Giganet 24/7 to give you peace of mind.

Your network, your design

Before installation, our team will assess your requirements and design a tailored MPLS VPN. This gives you the best possible result.

Reduced complexity

Our MPLS solution is easy to manage and allows you to manage multiple sites and monitor the security more efficiently.

Reduced hardware costs

With MPLS you can reduce hardware costs and avoid duplicate hardware at each site, with SD-WAN / hardware VPN solutions.

Fully managed failovers

SD-WAN networking devices can support one or more uplinks and automatically failover internet & WAN connectivity in the event of an outage.

Dedicated UK support

Our team of UK experts are on hand to help your business with any MPLS-related questions or problems you may face.

cost-effective WAN SOLUTION

How does MPLS work?

Wherever they’re located, your offices can be seamlessly, securely and cost-effectively linked using Giganet’s MPLS VPN solution.

Our MPLS VPNs give your employees direct, unified access to all locations. Whether they are working remotely, or from a different office, they can share files instantly and communicate with each other, just as they would in the same office.

MPLS solutions

Our MPLS options

Auto Failover MPLS Connect to the cloud Cloud internet break-out with a managed firewall or pair of redundant firewalls.
Connect to the cloud MPLS Auto failover Auto failover MPLS tails including fibre Ethernet circuit, backed up by a broadband connection.
Shared VPN MPLS Shared VPN ShIVER (Shared Internet VPN Ethernet Routing) allows MPLS VPN and internet access along a single Ethernet circuit.

Award-winning business internet

Giganet is one of the UK’s fastest-growing ISPs and we are proud to be recognised by our peers in the communication industry. We have won over 35 industry awards in recent years, including the prestigious ‘Overall Fibre Provider of the Year’ at the 2022 Fibre Provider Awards.

As well as winning ‘High Growth Tech Company’ and ‘Employer of the Year’ at the 2022 South Coast Tech Awards, we have been highly commended for awards including ‘Best Rural Fibre Provider’ and ‘Fibre Provider Investment’.

Awards won including Overall Fibre Provider and Broadband provider of the year