We’ve frozen our prices

It's time to make the switch to full fibre

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How to switch to full fibre

Check postcode

Put your postcode into our checker, select your address, and instantly see availability plus any peachy promotions for you area.


Select your ideal package, knowing the price you agree to today is fixed (absolutely no in-contract rises) and contracts are flexible, with no exit fees.


Once you’ve ordered, we will be in touch to confirm your install date. On the day our expert engineers will come and get you connected!


Reliable broadband from a provider who puts you first

This is broadband as it should be. Be assured that what you buy, is exactly what you get.

No long, inflexible contracts, or raising your monthly costs. Prices frozen until 2023 with packages that have no exit fees.

Reliable connectivity, backed by ‘Excellent’ rated customer service.

Whether you’re a gamer, a streamer, a music lover or a film buff, we have a package for you. All designed for everyone in your home to be online at once.

Welcome to Giganet full fibre.

We’ve frozen our prices
We’ve frozen our prices
Speak to an expert

Get 5-star customer service

Enjoy the level of service you should expect. When you need to speak with us, you will quickly get through to a UK-based expert. Yes, a real person.

No call centres, no scrolling through endless menu options, no frustratingly long wait times and no script; just minimal effort. It’s one of the reasons we are rated ‘Excellent’ by Trustpilot.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

We’ve frozen our prices
you'll love our pricing

Fully flexible terms to suit you

Let’s face it – few would choose to be tied down to lengthy broadband contracts and 18 months is just out of the question. We are so confident that you will be blown away by our speeds, reliability, customer service and pricing that we do offer one-month rolling contracts.

No nasty add-ons, no annoying price hikes, no unpleasant surprises, no messing. Just one price so you can sit back and relax knowing exactly what your outgoing will be every month, so you’ll never feel tied down again.

It’s our promise. Full fibre. Honestly.

We’ve frozen our prices
Guaranteed speeds and a reliable connection

With hyperfast broadband, we've got the whole family covered.

Our full fibre promises that at home or at work, you can stream, scroll, upload and download, rapidly. All at the same time, on multiple devices.

  • Stream/download 4k Ultra HD boxsets & movies in a blink
  • HD video call with your friends and colleagues, no freezing, no drops
  • Work effectively – unclog the cloud, share large files instantly
  • Get immersed in lossless multiplayer gaming with no latency

We’ve frozen our prices
Sustainability is our focus

Committed to building a better future

We take topics such as the climate emergency very seriously, and moreover, we act. We’ve made huge inroads to becoming a paperless office, we recycle batteries, we encourage a cycle to work scheme and we organise for our employees to get out of the office and physically clean up our communities.

We also plant trees. A lot of trees. So far, we’re delighted to announce:

  • ​We have been a climate positive workforce for 19 months​
  • We have reduced 859.42 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere​
  • We currently have 13,258 trees in our forest​

Our work is ongoing and will never end. Every day we are fully committed to being a significant part of the solution.

We’ve frozen our prices
Customer service is our obsession.

Here's what our customers have to say...

Julie, Southsea

The engineer was here for half an hour, the broadband worked within half an hour of him leaving. Broadband speed is fantastic, and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Robert, Swindon

Broadband speed is consistently as advertised, and is also cheaper than the lower spec package from my previous provider.

Josh, Reading

The best onboarding experience with any ISP. If its in your area, its a no brainer!

Ali, Portsmouth

The sign up process and installation were seamless. They also have local customer services team and a WhatsApp number. The Internet and WiFi speeds are phenomenal. My WiFi speed on compatible devices in the same room as the router is around 600 mbps! I cannot recommend Giganet enough!

We’ve frozen our prices