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Internet designed for education

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Internet for education

Internet for schools, colleges & universities

The best connectivity for your school, college or university backed by leased lines built for reliability & high bandwidth capacity.

Internet for education, delivered by trusted and award-winning connectivity experts. Giganet will help you compare options and save budget on hyperfast, reliable connectivity for your school, college or university.

We are an Internet Service Provider (ISP) which means we manage our own network end to end. We have a unique relationship with all major carriers enabling us to find the best connectivity solution at the very best price for you.

When you call us on 0800 107 8888 we will find the ultimate fit for you.

School children using tablets powered by Giganet broadband and leased lines

Benefits of our connectivity

Circuits speeds up to 1Gb/s

Our 1Gb/s leased line circuits are built with educational needs in mind, offering high capacity and symmetrical connectivity. We offer capacity from just 200Mb/s up to 1Gb/s.

Mission critical Redundancy

Our high-grade connectivity solutions for education offer an industry leading level of redundancy, allowing your educational premises to stay connected.

Dedicated support

Our dedicated team of experts are on hand to help you when you need it the most. Whether its support with hardware or questions about connectivity, we can help.

Check out our United Learning case studiy

Top of the class connectivity for United Learning schools

We support a number of United Learning schools and academies with the best connectivity and telephony solutions. From phone systems that transforms the way students and teachers interact, to bandwidth that enables the school to successfully move into the cloud.

Read our case study to find out how we saved them money, whilst significantly improving their connectivity and telephony platforms, and increased resiliency too.

United Learning using connectivity provide by Giganet
Study Call telephony solution for schools and colleges

Telephony designed for education

Whether you’re a school, academy, college or university, we know it’s important you have a communications partner you can truly depend on. Educational establishments face complex communications challenges and we know you need a partner who fully understands your pain points and provides solutions to address them.

Our telephony solutions have been designed specifically for the education sector and we have been certified Splicecom Education Experts for well over a decade. We will tailor our solution to your needs, to ensure seamless communication between office and academic staff, parents, students and other important stakeholders.

With features such as flexible working, anonymous student welfare lines, emergency tannoy, Teams integration and more, our Study-Call solution is a rock-solid platform that will not only meet, but exceed your needs.

Hosted telephony desk phone products

Features fit for purpose

Protect your students

Set up a student welfare line that can protect against bullying, harassments and concerns. Offer disguised voice recording and caller identification encryption to ensure the identity of students are completely protected.

Use deskphones as tannoy

For information that needs to passed quickly to staff, desk phones can be used as a tannoy system, allowing emergency information to be heard via the handsfree
speaker. Study-Call can also integrate with 3rd party tannoy and paging systems.

Respond to emergencies instantly

With a dedicated emergency number, staff can quickly and easily contact all relevant members on both deskphones and mobiles so your team are available and reachable in any case of emergency, wherever they might be.

Free up your staff

With Study-Call attendant, you can enable self-service and free up your staff by allowing callers to select the desired destination. Auto Attendant allow callers to route to specific teams, with the option to select reception.

Outage protection when you need it

Study-Call maintains internal communications in the event of trunk line or internet connectivity outage. It means you don’t lose communications with your team, when you need it the most.

Insights from real-time & historical data

Study-Call Live provides real-time and historical visual data on wallboards. It lets you to present important information supported by visual and audible alarming, for those tasks that require immediate action.

Perrott Hill School

Now a happy customer for over 5 years, Perrott Hill School contacted our team after another school recommended us. As the school is in a very remote location, they had been receiving incredibly low internet speeds which was impacting the staff and pupils, but quotes form other providers were sky-high. Find out how we future-proofed their connectivity with a high-speed leased line, so that they could increase their use of internet based resources and cloud solutions.

Perrott Hill School Testimonial Giganet