Full fibre 150

Hyperfast full fibre broadband

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150Mb/s full fibre broadband

Enjoy binge-worthy fast 150Mb/s broadband with our lowest-priced full fibre broadband package at Giganet.

Our 150Mb/s full fibre brings reliable full fibre to your home allowing you to stream video, chat with friends and family, and play video games without the buffering.

  • Stream/download 4k Ultra HD boxsets & movies in a blink
  • HD video call with your friends and colleagues, no freezing, no drops
  • Work effectively – unclog the cloud, share large files instantly
  • Get immersed in multiplayer gaming with low latency
Student full fibre broadband

Broadband that stays fast

Hyperfast speeds

Our full fibre 150 package brings hyperfast broadband speeds of up to 150Mb/s at one of the best prices available. You get the same super speeds for both downloads and uploads.

Full fibre technology

Our full fibre 150 package is powered by next-generation full fibre broadband technology. Bringing unprecedented reliability and speed to homes across the UK.

UK customer support

Our customer support team is based in the UK. Switching to Giganet means you can get in touch with our team in a matter of minutes when you need it most.

avoid slow downs & drop outs

Join the fibre generation

Our full fibre 150 broadband gives your home the next generation of broadband. Powered by full fibre technology, you gain greater speeds, greater reliability and more value for your money.

Giganet is leading the way in full fibre broadband with our honest pricing, no exit fees and dedicated customer support.

Women on laptop using full fibre broadband
great wi-fi throughout your home

Reliable Wi-Fi coverage

Getting a reliable Wi-Fi connection wherever you are in your home is so important. With our eero Pro 6E router that comes as standard, you can ensure you get Wi-Fi coverage in every room.

You’ll get great Wi-Fi reliability throughout the house, so you and your friends can study, stream and game in every room.

Full fibre 150

Full fibre 150Mb FAQs

  • What is full fibre broadband?

    Full fibre broadband (also known as FTTP or Fibre To The Premises) is different to the ‘fake fibre’ services offered by many other providers like BT, Virgin, Sky, and TalkTalk. Their services (also known as FTTC or Fibre To the Cabinet) still rely on copper cable, but our broadband uses a fibre optic cable that runs all the way to your home. You can learn more about what full fibre broadband is here.

    What is full fibre connectivity types Giganet broadband

    Full fibre uses laser light signals that are immune to the various electrical problems that can occur with copper broadband. This means your Giganet broadband is far more reliable and the speed isn’t impacted by how far you are from the exchange. In fact, it’s up to 25x faster than FTTC broadband.

    We only offer full fibre, so by switching to Giganet, you’ll be connected to the fastest, most reliable broadband that will suit your needs for decades to come.

  • How is full fibre installed?

    Giganet’s full fibre (FTTP) broadband needs a brand new fibre optic cable running to your home. This new cable will usually follow the same path as your old copper telephone wire. The route will be discussed with you prior to installation.

    Once the new fibre optic cable is brought to your home, it will then connect to a CSP (Customer Splice Point). This is a small box that attaches to the outside of the property where the external fibre cable routing from the telegraph pole or underground joint, is connected to the indoor fibre cable that then runs through your wall (the engineer will need to drill a hole to feed the cable through) to where the service will be terminated. Inside your home, the engineer will install an ONT (Optical Network Terminator) onto the wall next to a double 13 amp power supply.

    To view our video explaining what happens on the day, please click here.
    (Please note: It will not always be Giganet branded engineers who arrived to undertake your installation, on the day it could be engineers working on behalf of one of our infrastructure partners.)

  • Do you have a speed guarantee?

    Yes we do. Our speed guarantee covers the speed between our core network to your broadband router. It does not extend to any Wi-Fi connections throughout your home.

    If your broadband speeds fall below the guaranteed levels, as tested with a hard wired Gigabit Ethernet connection to our router, and we can’t resolve this within 28 days, then we’ll provide you with a one-off £20 credit on your account if you make a claim against this guarantee. We do not provide the cabling or hardware required for you to cable your device into our router, so please make sure you have a gigabit capable ethernet cable and any necessary adaptors.

    Please see below our speed guarantee for our home broadband packagesGiganet speed guarantee
    The guaranteed speeds depend on the infrastructure to your home and which package you choose. If you’re not sure which you have, just get in touch and we’ll be very happy to let you know.

    If you’d like to check your broadband speeds, please follow these instructions.

  • How does Giganet compare to other providers?

    Our motto is Full Fibre. Honestly. And that’s what we do. We offer the very best full fibre services and we are honest with our customers.

    • We only offer full fibre broadband (not fake fibre).
    • We keep our pricing simple, without complex and misleading deals or introductory offers that hike your price after a couple of months.
    • We won’t bombard you with marketing offers to get you to take TV/ mobile/ other services, and we don’t track your web usage or advertising.
    • All our service and support advisors are based in our Hampshire office and you can get in touch easily.