But I already have ‘fibre’ broadband

It might not be full fibre broadband though. If you look closely, you will probably discover that your router is connected to your telephone line socket, or the cable connecting to your Virgin Media router resembles a coax copper cable, like your TV aerial. These are copper ‘fake fibre’ services and just not as good as full fibre.

It’s confusing and especially difficult to trust what others are advertising, but many providers advertising ‘fibre broadband’ are not providing full fibre. The only fibre in their service is from the exchange to the cabinet in your street – from there they mostly rely on the old copper phone lines to reach your home – the most important part of the connection.

Giganet connects you with a fibre optic cable from the exchange, right to your home. There are no fibre-copper conversion cabinets. It’s full fibre all the way!

Where you compare Giganet to other providers, be sure to look for their “Full Fibre” or FTTP (Fibre to the Premise) packages to make sure you are comparing like-with-like.

Watch our handy video ‘What’s full fibre broadband’ here.

Giganet is full fibre all the way, but many providers don't

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