What is Safer Together?

Along with a commitment to exemplary customer care, we also have a core value where ‘We care about each other, our partners, our communities, and the environment and recognise that we are all ‘Safer Together.’

‘Safer Together’ is at the forefront of our everyday operations. We will deliver our promises to our customers whilst adopting a unique collaborative approach which involves respecting opinions, feeling valued in the decisions we take, and how we behave. We want to keep ourselves, our colleagues, our partners, and our customers safe.

The seven core values of ‘Safer Together’

  • Leadership – Leadership exists at all levels of an organisation and is key in making safety, health and wellbeing an essential part of everyone’s daily routine.
  • Communication – Communication is an essential enabler for creating a successful health and safety culture
  • Competence – Everyone must have the competencies to do  their job in a safe and healthy way
  • Health and Wellbeing – Health and wellbeing are essential in developing a healthier, happier and safer workforce
  • Safe Workplace – It is important to ensure that everyone has a safe and healthy place to work, whether in an office or on site
  • Engagement – Safety, health and wellbeing are collective responsibilities – everyone needs to be involved
  • Performance and Improvement – Striving for excellence in health and safety makes good business sense
Safer Together

Our QHSE strategic plan

Giganet’s QHSE Strategic Plan is focused on developing a Safer Together culture with the ambition to achieve Absolute Zero – where our processes, products/services and people have no adverse impact on the society and planet.

We’ll achieve this through:

  • Learn – Site awareness, ISP/broadband knowledge & task preparedness
  • Develop – Safe behaviours & security vigilance
  • Implement – Assess risks, right first time & challenge
  • Optimise – Continuous improvement & share good practice
  • Sustain – Care for people & environment & celebrate excellence

If you see an incident that you would like to report to us please scan the QR code or submit a report.

Safer Together