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Our aim is to ensure that everyone can enjoy the benefits of our shiny new broadband service.

If your flat or apartment building is within our rollout plans, we’ll soon be in touch with landlords, owners and managing agents to obtain permission for a stage one installation of full fibre.

The process involves establishing an initial connection to the communal areas of the property, so if anyone wants to access full fibre now or in the future, it’s all ready to go.

To get the ball rolling on your connectivity upgrade and help us prioritise your building for connection, simply register your interest.

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Full fibre broadband has arrived

Welcome to hyperfast broadband, scorching speeds and powerful Wi-Fi coverage.

Stream music and movies from every room in the house, play video games without the lag, download endless documents at lightning-fast speeds and more with our full fibre broadband. Simultaneously and seamlessly.

  • Stream/download 4k Ultra HD boxsets & games in a blink
  • HD video call with your friends and colleagues, no freezing, no drops
  • Work effectively – unclog the cloud, share large files instantly
  • Get immersed in lossless multiplayer gaming with no latency
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Powerful Wi-Fi coverage

Stay connected, no matter the room you’re in. You get our new Amazon eero Pro 6E router for no extra cost and optional** additional eero’s to cover your entire home in reliable Wi-Fi. Our router gives your home superior Wi-Fi connectivity.

With security, parental controls and mesh Wi-Fi built-in, you’ll be safe, secure and connected throughout your home with our Amazon eero Pro 6E.

*Optional additional eero’s come at an additional cost.

Advice for tenants and apartment residents

We've got the whole family covered

Our full fibre promises that at home or at work, you can stream, scroll, upload and download, rapidly. All at the same time, on multiple devices.

  • Stream/download 4k Ultra HD boxsets & movies in a blink
  • HD video call with your friends and colleagues, no freezing, no drops
  • Work effectively – unclog the cloud, share large files instantly
  • Get immersed in lossless multiplayer gaming with no latency
Advice for tenants and apartment residents

Award-winning broadband

We are proud to be recognised by our peers in the communication industry. We have won over 35 industry awards in recent years, including the prestigious ‘Overall Fibre Provider of the Year’ at the 2022 Fibre Provider Awards.

As well as winning ‘High Growth Tech Company’ and ‘Employer of the Year’ at the 2022 South Coast Tech Awards, we have been highly commended for awards including ‘Best Rural Fibre Provider’ and ‘Fibre Provider Investment’.

Awards won including Overall Fibre Provider and Broadband provider of the year
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Looking for answers?


  • What is full fibre broadband?

    Full fibre broadband (also known as FTTP or Fibre To The Premises) is different to the ‘fake fibre’ services offered by many other providers like BT, Virgin, Sky, and TalkTalk. Their services (also known as FTTC or Fibre To the Cabinet) still rely on copper cable, but our broadband uses a fibre optic cable that runs all the way to your home. You can learn more about what full fibre broadband is here.

    What is full fibre connectivity types Giganet broadband

    Full fibre uses laser light signals that are immune to the various electrical problems that can occur with copper broadband. This means your Giganet broadband is far more reliable and the speed isn’t impacted by how far you are from the exchange. In fact, it’s up to 25x faster than FTTC broadband.

    We only offer full fibre, so by switching to Giganet, you’ll be connected to the fastest, most reliable broadband that will suit your needs for decades to come.

  • But I already have 'fibre' broadband

    It might not be full fibre broadband though. If you look closely, you will probably discover that your router is connected to your telephone line socket, or the cable connecting to your Virgin Media router resembles a coax copper cable, like your TV aerial. These are copper ‘fake fibre’ services and just not as good as full fibre.

    It’s confusing and especially difficult to trust what others are advertising, but many providers advertising ‘fibre broadband’ are not providing full fibre. The only fibre in their service is from the exchange to the cabinet in your street – from there they mostly rely on the old copper phone lines to reach your home – the most important part of the connection.

    Giganet connects you with a fibre optic cable from the exchange, right to your home. There are no fibre-copper conversion cabinets. It’s full fibre all the way!

    Where you compare Giganet to other providers, be sure to look for their “Full Fibre” or FTTP (Fibre to the Premise) packages to make sure you are comparing like-with-like.

    Watch our handy video ‘What’s full fibre broadband’ here.

    Giganet is full fibre all the way, but many providers don't

  • How is full fibre installed?

    Giganet’s full fibre (FTTP) broadband needs a brand new fibre optic cable running to your home. This new cable will usually follow the same path as your old copper telephone wire. The route will be discussed with you prior to installation.

    Once the new fibre optic cable is brought to your home, it will then connect to a CSP (Customer Splice Point). This is a small box that attaches to the outside of the property where the external fibre cable routing from the telegraph pole or underground joint, is connected to the indoor fibre cable that then runs through your wall (the engineer will need to drill a hole to feed the cable through) to where the service will be terminated. Inside your home, the engineer will install an ONT (Optical Network Terminator) onto the wall next to a double 13 amp power supply.

    To view our video explaining what happens on the day, please click here.
    (Please note: It will not always be Giganet branded engineers who arrived to undertake your installation, on the day it could be engineers working on behalf of one of our infrastructure partners.)

  • How much is Giganet broadband?

    Our current pricing is the same, no matter where you live or which network infrastructure we use. We offer four fantastic packages, and each of those is full fibre broadband, no copper in sight!

    Our pricing is as follows:

    Image showing Giganet's four full fibre packages - FullFibre150, FullFibre300, FullFibre500 and FullFibre900

    All our customers are offered the same package prices with no misleading welcome deals.

    In some locations, when you check your postcode, you won’t be able to see the top 900Mb/s package. There is a good reason for this. In some areas of the UK, we use the Openreach network, and in these cases the costs to us are too high to be able to offer our 900Mb/s at the same great price as our other areas. So instead of charging what we think would be too much, we choose to simply offer our other three packages in these locations for now.

    To get connected, simply check your postcode today!

*Three months free offer applies to Giganet and CityFibre networks only. Terms and availability apply.

**Optional additional eero’s come at an additional cost. For more information on whether you need an additional eero, view this page,