How many eero mesh devices do I need for my home?

We will supply you with one eero device which is recommended for most medium-sized bedroom homes.

The eero Pro 6E is designed to provide coverage to homes of 190 square metres or 2,000 square feet. An average 3-4 bedroom house is around 110-140 square metres, so in theory, one eero should be sufficient to provide coverage for most homes.

That said, each home is different, so depending on the layout and how it’s constructed, coverage may be more problematic. Also, the reality is that it’s often difficult to place your eero in the optimum position for full coverage, as most connections come into the front of a house, not the middle. So some customers may find adding a second eero is necessary, to make sure you get the level of coverage you need.

With eero’s mesh system and app-based setup tools, it’s easy to increase coverage levels in your home without complex installation steps or compromising the speed or quality of your Wi-Fi. With an eero mesh system, multiple eeros work together harmoniously to send connection in every direction throughout your home.

If you would like to add another eero to your package, for a monthly charge of £6 per eero*, please call us on 0330 333 3006 after placing your order.

*This add-on is currently only available to a limited number of customers. However, we will be able to offer additional boosters to all customers in due course.

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