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eero Secure: everything you need to know

16th June 2023
  eero secure is provided for free to customers at Giganet. If you use an eero not provided by Giganet, your eero secure features may not work as intended.

With so many potential threats on the internet, we want to help ensure your network is always secure. Our eero router puts a lot of emphasis on security but are you making the most of them? To find out what eero Secure can do, read on.

What is eero Secure?

eero Secure is a comprehensive suite of tools accessible through the eero smartphone app, provided to you at no additional cost with your Giganet full fibre broadband. With eero Secure, you can enhance the security of your home network, ensuring a safe and worry-free internet experience for your family and friends.

This powerful set of tools includes various features designed to fortify your network’s security. From parental controls and content filtering to an advanced firewall, eero Secure offers a range of functionalities that safeguard your devices against potential threats such as viruses, malware, and hackers.

By utilising eero Secure, you can establish a protected environment where your loved ones can freely enjoy the internet with added peace of mind.

eero Secure features inside the eero app available for Android and IOS

eero Secure features inside the eero app available for Android and IOS

What features does eero secure include?

Whether you live on your own, with friends or with family, eero secure brings features everyone can benefit from:

Advanced network security

The advanced threat protection, included with your eero, safeguards your devices by preventing access to websites that may harbour viruses, phishing attacks, malware, and other perilous threats.


If you’re not a fan of pop-up ads and other types of online advertisements, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate the benefits of eero’s ad-blocking feature. This powerful functionality effectively blocks ads that typically appear on websites and apps across your computer and mobile devices.

Block and allow websites

This feature is great if you want to control what other users on your home network can and can’t see. For example, with the ability to customise and assign specific websites, you can ensure that younger family members can only access approved sites and not restricted ones.


When this is enabled, you can filter out specific words and malicious search results on search engines and YouTube. SafeSearch helps reduce the risks of stumbling across malicious or adult content on the web.

Content Filters

Parents can keep their kids safe from entering sites with adult content, illegal/criminal content, and violence. The content filtering offers a variety of customisation including pre-defined filter levels and in-depth monitoring, allowing you to see how well the content filtering is working.

eero Activity Center

You can monitor everything from a glance with eero. You can track your network activity by utilising the eero Activity Center. This will provide you with network insights, security insights, privacy and safety insights, and data usage. You can also stay updated with all of these through a weekly activity report.

How does eero secure help?

eero Secure can make a positive impact on your browsing experience online. Keeping you secure and helping you avoid harmful content are just a few of the benefits it brings.

Filter out harmful content

Filtering out harmful content online helps to protect vulnerable individuals, especially children, from being exposed to inappropriate or harmful material. By blocking access to adult content, violent imagery, and other explicit material, content filtering ensures a safer online environment for users of all ages. Additionally, filtering out harmful content helps to prevent the spread of misinformation and fake news, promoting responsible and accurate information consumption. By restricting access to unreliable sources and malicious websites, content filtering contributes to a more informed and trustworthy online experience.

Keep an eye on network activity

We all want our networks to be safe from hackers and unauthorised access. Eero Secure’s network activity monitoring feature keeps an eye out for any strange or suspicious activity on your network. If it detects anything fishy, it alerts you right away, so you can take action to protect your network and all the devices connected to it. It’s like having a virtual security guard for your network.

Network monitoring also helps you optimise your network’s performance. It looks at things like how your bandwidth is being used and how traffic flows through your network. By analysing these patterns, it can identify areas where your network might be slow or congested. Armed with this knowledge, you can make informed decisions to improve your network’s efficiency and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Reduce online threats

Eero Secure’s intelligent threat protection provides valuable assistance in mitigating online threats that constantly lurk in the ever-expanding web. While we explore the vast online landscape, numerous advanced risks, such as malware, trojans, and hackers, seek to exploit our personal information and compromise the security of our devices. Wi-Fi security solutions like Eero Secure act as a shield, actively safeguarding our network and thwarting these malicious attempts.

eero Secure utilised in family environment

eero Secure utilised in family environment

How can you access eero Secure features?

To access eero secure features, you must first be a Giganet full fibre broadband customer. If you are, you will need to have our eero Pro 6E router which we offer to all new customers.

You can access the features through your phone using the eero app available on both Android and IOS.

If you need help using the features or are not sure where they are, you can search our frequently asked questions to find your answers.

Is eero worth it?

We certainly think so and so do our customers!

eero revolutionises your home Wi-Fi experience, introducing a new generation of connectivity. With enhanced security for safer internet browsing and effortless network monitoring with just a tap, eero completely transforms the way you manage your Wi-Fi.


eero Secure offers excellent support in safeguarding your digital presence. With its impressive range of features, it enhances home security, provides protection, and offers valuable insights.

All Giganet customers get access to eero secure for free as part of their full fibre broadband. For more information visit our broadband page and check your postcode to see if you can get our award-winning broadband and eero secure.