eero Secure

Elevate your Wi-Fi security

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Additional security and safety features

Elevate your network security

More than ever, homes are wanting secure, private and safe connectivity. eero solves this, bringing a host of security features your home can benefit from including advanced security, advanced parental controls, ad blocking and internet backup.

  • Advanced network security – protect devices from malware and more
  • Ad blocking and filtering – block advertisements on websites
  • Website restrictions – block particular websites on devices
  • SafeSearch – filter out potentially inappropriate search results
  • Content filtering – filter adult, illegal and violent content
eero Secure
Keep your connected devices safe and secure

Advanced Wi-Fi security

Compatibility & updates

With backward compatibility, you can grow your network by adding more eero devices as your needs change. Over-the-air updates bring new features and improvements, so your Wi-Fi just keeps getting better.

Advanced security made simple

Network security doesn’t have to be complicated. Every eero device comes with world-class encryption and security protocols built-in. And with eero Secure, you get advanced online security with active threat protection, content filters, and ad blocking, all through the eero mobile app.

Maintains network privacy

eero systems are compatible with the strongest security protocols available in consumer Wi-Fi today. WPA3 (an eero Labs feature) provides an extra layer of password protection and individualized encryption to keep your network and data secure.

Your network at a glance

Whether you’re browsing, binging, gaming, or pitching your million-pound business, eero is hard at work keeping your family safe and secure online. With eero Secure, you can track data usage and monitor network activity.

Advanced parental control

There are just some things that certain family members aren’t ready to see—and you can’t always be there to cover impressionable eyes. With content filters, you can easily set restrictions for designated devices based on age range or they can be customised based on content categories.

Discover the internet without intrusions

eero Secure blocks a variety of ads, speeds up load times on ad-heavy websites and prevents a variety of trackers across the web. You won’t know how you lived without it.

Keep your home safe

Content Filtering

Our eero Pro 6E router enables you to apply filters for adult, illegal, and violent content on all devices or specific devices. The content filtering feature on eero allows you to create distinct profiles and choose the types of content you wish to block.

  • SafeSearch
  • YouTube restrictions
  • Adult content
  • Illegal or criminal content
  • Violent content
  • Chat and messaging
  • Social media
eero Secure content filtering used in family home
Keep your home secure

Security made simple

The eero router includes built-in advanced security features, such as a smart firewall that is regularly updated, and easily understandable security statistics.

With eero’s firewall, your information is safeguarded by establishing a protective barrier between the Internet and your home’s Wi-Fi network. Only data linked to a recognised and active connection is permitted to enter your network.

Family using eero Secure in their home

Frequently asked questions

  • What is eero Secure?

    eero Secure is offered as standard with our Giganet home full fibre packages, enhancing your eero and protecting your growing digital life with services to keep your devices safe and secure. 

    Helping keep your family’s personal information, devices, and network protected from online threats with world-class security. You can find more information about eero secure here. 

  • Does eero have its own firewall?

    Online security is incredibly important to us here at Giganet, and we go to great lengths to keep your network safe.

    You’ll be happy to know that eero runs its own firewall; you don’t have to run one separately.

    eero’s firewall protects your information by creating a barrier between the Internet and your home’s Wi-Fi network — only data associated with a known active connection is allowed to enter onto your network.

  • What parental controls does eero offer?

    Every customer with an eero gateway receives the ‘Secure’ set of features that include Parental controls to filter and block specific content/sites and regular Insights reports to see usage information. 

    Customers can configure the web filtering requirements on a network-wide or device-by-device level using the eero app.

  • How do I block/allow websites with eero?

    Sometimes you need a little extra control over the sites your family can and can’t access. For these instances, eero’s ‘Block and Allow Sites’ feature is perfect.

    ‘Block’ prevents particular websites from displaying on chosen family members’ devices, whist ‘Allow’ enables you to open web access to otherwise blocked websites.

    For further information on how to set up these features and their associated benefits, please click here.