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Women in Tech: Meet Tanatswa

7th December 2022

Gender diversity in leadership roles is important for workplace culture, so it’s really important to Giganet. It’s obvious to most that female leaders are just as ambitious as males, but in many organisations, they face headwinds that signal it will be harder to advance.

At Giganet it’s quite different. As we undergo a period of rapid growth we understand the importance of achieving a better gender balance. We’re investing in programmes to help us get there, and shining a light on the people in our organisation already making waves as women in tech.

Meet Tanatswa, Our people and culture specialist

“The telecoms industry has long been regarded as male-dominated, but I’m pleased to see this changing.”

For the week’s blog, Giganet People and Culture Specialist, Tanatswa Nyeme tells us about her experience joining Giganet and what it’s like to enter the historically male-dominated telecoms industry.

Meet Tanatswa – Our People and Culture Specialist

It’s an exciting time in telecommunications, as the industry continues to change and adapt to the consumer of the future, and there’s no doubt this is beginning to reflect in workplace culture. Take me for example, I work in the People and Culture department at Giganet as a People and Culture Specialist. This role and department probably didn’t exist five years ago in most businesses, regardless of industry. Giganet’s people-centric and personalised approach to what may have been called ‘HR’ is a positive step in the right direction for the modern workforce.

I’ve always had a passion for giving employees a voice. Before Giganet, I studied Human Resources Management MSc and then worked for my local council as an Administrative Assistant in the Reablement Team, which focused on helping people to retain or regain their skills and confidence after a period of illness.

Women in tech

The telecoms industry has long been regarded as male-dominated, but I’m pleased to see this changing. On my first day, I was the only female new start. How did I initially feel as the only woman in the room? Honestly, I started to feel anxious about my lack of experience in the industry and felt out of my depth with all the telecoms lingo and shared interests. I knew I had been appointed to this role because I had the appropriate experience and drive to take on this new challenge, yet I couldn’t help but feel nervous about fitting in.

How Giganet life has changed since my first day?

I have continuously felt empowered to thrive in this industry based on my talent for putting our employees first. I’m also delighted to see more women within the company take on senior or leadership roles. I have progressed too, and I am now writing contracts, performing check-ins with new starters, handling benefits, and helping to recruit positions. We have a number of employee assistance packages which also fall under my remit, one of them being the new menopause assistance program, which aims to build a positive, open and supportive environment for menopausal women in the workplace. I also help facilitate inductions, and while there are still more men in the room, we’re progressively seeing more women.

At Giganet, we’re encouraged to embrace our individuality and be the best versions of ourselves, which should be the case across the industry. As a People and Culture specialist, it’s amazing to work for a company that has already embedded a diverse environment for its workers to thrive in, with equal opportunities for everyone to strive for senior leadership roles.

What advice can you offer other aspiring women in tech?

If I had to say anything, I would encourage women to seriously consider a career in telecoms, it’s fast-paced and progressive. It’s an industry that has the power to make a big impact in small communities as well as across the entire UK, and it feels great to be a part of something big.

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