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Salisbury, Not All Broadband is the Same!

8th June 2020

The infrastructure, the speeds, the provider, the wait time, pricing and reliability can all vary wildly.We are your local fibre Internet provider.

Salisbury is amongst the first places in the UK to benefit from complete full-fibre broadband. This means every home and business in the city has fibre installed to their premises. Aside from Hull, Salisbury is the only other city to benefit from this technology boost today.

Full-fibre means no more relying on Victorian-era BT copper cables that were never designed to carry broadband signals. It’s similar for those with a Virgin broadband service which also uses a copper cable, but claims to be ‘fibre’. Both the BT and Virgin copper cables are not fit for purpose with today’s insatiable appetite for ultrafast & ultra-reliable internet access. Now more than ever, given more of us are working and schooling from home in the face of coronavirus.

Full-fibre ensures no loss of speed based on the length of the line, whereas with copper lines, the age, resistance and interference of long lines can have a big detrimental impact to both speed & reliability.

Full-fibre provides a revolution in terms of capacity, therefore the slow-downs at peak periods are vastly reduced and the technology is future-proofed for decades to come. No sharing your connection with others in your street, or seeing videos buffer at peak times or calls drop out. No going elsewhere to transfer large files or even paying out for phone line rental.

What does this mean for Salisbury?

Giganet Tesimonial Dominic, SalisburyThe impact of full-fibre is huge! For businesses, it means that productivity will soar as broadband speeds & reliability are vastly improved. No longer will the broadband connection be the excuse that holds your business back. Costs will be vastly reduced and businesses in Salisbury will be at an advantage compared with others based elsewhere in the country. Faster upload as well as download speeds make file sharing, cloud apps and video conferencing quick and easy. In Cornwall, 58% of local businesses surveyed, said that they were growing thanks to the connectivity full-fibre broadband had delivered.

For home users, the benefits are fantastic too. It has been proven that full-fibre broadband increases house values, and leads to much improved customer satisfaction as a result of consistent, reliable ultrafast internet access. As more of us stay at home in the face of COVID-19, we’re accessing more essential services online. Remote-healthcare, video streaming, gaming, effectively working from home with video conferencing and VPNs; all place added demands on the critical broadband utility. Full-fibre is perfectly matched to make this all possible with ease. Save time and money on commuting and instead spend more times with those you love.

I have Virgin or BT fibre already, what’s different about your offering?

Sadly customers have been misled for years by the larger providers about their broadband connection being ‘fibre’. For most BT and Virgin Media customers, their connection is based on copper to the premises, where the copper cable routes to a cabinet in the street, then a fibre cable eventually connects back to an exchange and wider internet. This final BT and Virgin copper connection is the achilles heal, where so many users’ current slow, unreliable and inconsistent broadband experiences arise. BT states that their prices will increase every year, Virgin’s pricing increases substantially after 12 months and they also state that they may change their pricing at any point during your contract. Here at Giganet, we offer a lifetime price guarantee.

With the new full-fibre network in Salisbury, Giganet are able to offer an end-to-end fibre connection to your home or business.

So why Giganet?

We’re unique in that we’re the only local internet service provider who has directly connected to the new full-fibre network in Salisbury. Other suppliers will either be reselling services from BT, adding costs, delays and complexity; or they are the national monolithic providers whose rigid process may not suit you. Nor do they perhaps have the level of understanding or knowledge about the full-fibre Salisbury network that we do.

Giganet cuts out the middleman, reducing costs to you as well as improving customer service. No other local provider is offering this. We save one or more steps in communication, cut down installation wait times and can offer the best prices around. In fact, we have compared our home broadband pricing with the other ISPs and you can see the evidence below:

Salisbury Internet Price Comparison Giganet BT Virgin Zen TalkTalk Sky

*Virgin Media uses old coax copper cables to deliver their broadband. This means Virgin broadband in Salisbury is slower, less reliable, and more inclined to fluctuate at busy periods. All prices correct at time of publishing. Prices include VAT.


Currently, every one of our packages is the cheapest on the market. And if you call you’ll speak to a real person, with no scripts, who are knowledgeable about the network and services we provide. You may well meet some of our team at events in Salisbury, where we’ll be telling people all about how fibre connectivity can make their lives easier. We’re very friendly and always happy to help. We don’t hide behind smoke and mirrors welcome deals, or increase our costs after a few months. We believe in honesty, great service and treating our customers fairly.

This shows that not all broadband is the same, but Salisbury has access to the very best. You can shop local and benefit from this latest technology. Why not take advantage now and check your postcode above?