Terms Portsmouth

3 months free offer
Giganet’s three months free offer is subject to survey and availability, and only applies to twelve month home broadband contracts. This promotion is running for a limited time and we reserve the right to change or end it at any time.

Availability subject to network infrastructure being in place. CityFibre are building the network over the next 3 years. Once your street is live we can connect your home. Offer valid only for CityFibre connections.

Free install subject to survey.
Due to complexity, some Multiple Dwelling Units (flats) have an additional installation charge of £120 on a monthly rolling contract. We offer a free install for these MDUs if you choose a 12 month contract.

Giganet price promise
Our mission is to bring full fibre broadband to as many people as possible, wherever they live.
To do this, we pick the best products from the best fibre providers in each area, meaning that we may offer different speeds, and prices in different locations.
Our passion is in providing great quality full fibre broadband at a fair price.

Existing customers
We offer the same, easy to understand, prices to new and existing customers – without distracting special offers that end up costing you more.
If you are an existing customer, we would like to offer you the same three month free offer. You can take advantage of this offer by re-signing into a new 12 month contract.

Initial contract
We keep contracts as short as possible, and guarantee that your price won’t change at all while in contract, or immediately at the end of the minimum term .

Monthly rolling contract
We offer a monthly rolling contract option in some locations. If you wish to take advantage of this, you will not be eligible for the three months free offer.
After your minimum term, we may increase your price once per year to keep up with inflation (we will let you know if this happens). This will be the same price for new or existing customers, to ensure everyone is on the same great deal.

If our prices decrease
If we decide to lower our prices for new customers in your area, you can take advantage of this deal too. You can switch to the lower rate (even mid contract) by re-signing into a new 12 month contract.

Other charges
Things happen, people move home and broadband needs may change. Most things cost money but we will always be fair, and we always try to minimise any costs we pass on to you.
We promise.

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