SD-WAN is a software-defined approach to connecting sites together to form a Wide Area Network (WAN). It can support two or more internet connections from different internet providers.

The network device can monitor the performance of the various internet connections to make intelligent choices as to which circuit is used for what type of data in real time, automatically. So packet loss sensitive data such as VoIP traffic can be prioritised over other traffic to make sure you get the best quality possible for your most important data.

Why not speak to one of our connectivity experts to find out how you can take advantage of SD-WAN? We have spent nearly two decades supporting businesses with the best internet and communications. And we’re very good at it.

We can look at your current set up and requirements to give you a range of options that can work for you.

Connect your sites with SD-WAN

SD-WAN Features

Resiliency & quality of service

SD-WAN networking devices can support one, two or more internet uplinks and automatically failover internet & WAN connectivity in the event of outages. It can also be configured with rules that prioritise certain applications and traffic over others. Such as VoIP over e-mail and web traffic over backup and Salesforce over YouTube.

Deployment & monitoring

It can be deployed across multiple ISP’s connectivity circuits and options such as 4G/broadband/leased lines, on-premise or within public/private cloud. Our SD-WAN solutions feature live dashboards where it can be configured, monitored and troubleshooted, without the need for logging in to the routers directly.


It features dynamic VPN tunnels, strong encryption, firewall and other complex security configurations. All of which are usually automatically managed. Supports key Network functions such as VPN, Firewall, WAN optimisation.

Is SD-WAN right for you?

SD-WAN offers organisations that span the nation a more cost-effective way of linking sites together. It offers you choice, flexibility and doesn’t lock you into an ISP.

But businesses also have a choice of MPLS or even hybrid SD-WAN/MPLS solutions. MPLS is ideal for UK-based multi-site organisations requiring the best, fully-managed connectivity, managed QoS with higher SLAs than SD-WAN. Giganet’s MPLS offering is also very cost effective. You will be pleasantly surprised!

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Our connectivity experts will be able help. Get in touch and we can help you identify which one is right for your organisation, now and for the future.

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