Reduce downtime and avoid mission-critical service loss.

Giganet leased lines are highly reliable from the get go, as they are delivered using point-to-point fibre circuits between your premises and a local Point of Presence (PoP). Even still, a fault or an outage that’s out of our control can happen occasionally.

That’s why, for organisations whose connectivity is mission critical, we recommend designing a truly resilient connection. Having diverse, dedicated and resilient options means you can design your network with no single point of failure. That’s up to 99.99% uptime SLA. So you stay connected, no matter what.


Three resilient options:

1. RO2 (Resilience Option 2)

The very best solution for maximum resilience. RO2 circuits are engineered in such a way that there should be no single point of failure.

  • Dual Giganet managed routers
  • Dual entry into your premises
  • Completely separate routing with no-pinch points from your premises to the exchanges
  • Dual exchanges ensures diversely routed fibres are connected to different exchanges or PoPs.
  • Dual backhaul links from the exchanges/POPs to Giganet’s network
  • Dual Giganet data centres for the primary and secondary circuit handover
  • Resilient Giganet core network with multiple upstream connections
100% RO2_1

2. Diverse carrier – 99.99% uptime

We provide two leased lines to your business, with each routed via a different network carrier.

  • Dual leased line services using different fibre carriers
  • Potential for dual backhaul links between their exchange/POP and Giganet’s core network
  • Dual Giganet data centres where the circuits are terminated on different connections into the Giganet core network.
  • Resilient Giganet core network with multiple upstream connections

Optionally, we can also provide dual high availability routers in cluster mode to provide redundancy and failover in the event of a router hardware issue.

Diverse Carrier RO2

3. Broadband backup – 99.99% uptime

Backup broadband is the simplest and least expensive route for most organisations. A leased line primary circuit, backed up by a secondary broadband circuit.  The backup circuit could be an ADSL2+/FTTC (VDSL2) or G.Fast service. In some areas, it may be possible to get a FTTP (GPON) broadband service as the backup.

  • Leased line service for the primary, and backup broadband for the secondary. It can also be added as a tertiary backup option with the above RO2 solutions
  • The broadband is usually a copper based service routing to the exchange or a local FTTC/G.Fast fibre-enabled cabinet
  • Dual carriers for the leased line and secondary broadband services
  • Dual Giganet data centres and potential for dual exchanges
  • Resilient Giganet core network with multiple upstream connections
Broadband RO2 Backup Diagram showing how the solution works