Resiliency & RO2

Reduce downtime and avoid mission-critical service loss with RO2.

Giganet leased lines are highly reliable from the get go, as they are delivered using point-to-point fibre circuits. Even still, a fault or an outage that’s out of our control could happen.

That’s why, for organisations whose connectivity is mission critical, we recommend designing a truly resilient connection. Having diverse, dedicated and resilient options means you can design your network with no single point of failure if you wish. So you stay connected, no matter what.

Giganet Home Broadband


Adding a new site doesn’t have to be complicated. You can easily and reliably connect your sites with MPLS.

Our MPLS VPNs are secure, private, uncontended networks that can connect two or more sites together over a diverse range of circuit types including broadband and Ethernet.

Find out if MPLS is right for you.

Resiliency & Connectivity


SD-WAN is a software-defined approach to connecting sites together to form a Wide Area Network (WAN). It can support two or more internet connections from different internet providers.

Monitor the performance of the various internet connections and make intelligent choices as to which circuit is used for what type of data in real time, automatically.

Find out more by visiting our SD-WAN page.

Resiliency & Connectivity