Connect your sites with MPLS

Adding a new site doesn’t have to be complicated.

Our MPLS VPNs are secure, private, uncontended networks that can connect two or more sites together over a diverse range of circuit types, including FTTC/FTTP broadband and Ethernet. It’s backed with 99.99% uptime, so you can connect with confidence.

Retain your private addressing and keep your routing tables small with no encryption overhead.

MPLS VPNs diagram connecting server to multiple sites

MPLS Options

Connect to the cloud

Cloud internet break-out with a managed firewall or pair of redundant firewalls.

Auto failover

Auto failover MPLS tails including fibre Ethernet circuit backed up by a broadband connection.

Shared VPN

ShIVER (Shared Internet VPN Ethernet Routing) allowing MPLS VPN and internet access along a single Ethernet circuit.

Choose MPLS with Giganet

  • Private Wide Area Network fully managed and monitored by Giganet
  • Managed quality of service options
  • No overheads or instability of internet VPNs dropping out and failing to reconnect
  • No complexity with pre-shared keys/certificates/algorithms/and other VPN configuration
  • No requirement for expensive hardware for each site that is capable of supporting high bandwidth IPSec VPNs
  • No requirement to duplicate expensive hardware at each site with SD-WAN/hardware VPN solutions
  • Options for fully managed failover, RO2 and 100% uptime SLA