Oh hey there, Cheltenham...

Hyperfast full fibre broadband for home and business
Hyperfast Full Fibre Broadband

We're on our way to Cheltenham

With free installation, a free router, and a one-month rolling contract for home broadband.

And, as this might be the first time you’ve heard of us, we’ll also throw in a three-month try before you buy. Yep, you heard that right!

The fastest broadband speed available in your area (that’s up to 900Mb/s, if you care to know), no upfront costs and one, low monthly payment after our try before you buy period, on our super-flexible contract.

Get in the queue by checking your postcode and registering your interest for full fibre with speeds up to [max-speed].

We’ll keep you updated with our progress and will get you connected as soon as we can.

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We'll connect you to the brand new full fibre network being built in Cheltenham...
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Great news! We're coming to Cheltenham

We're bringing home & business broadband to Cheltenham with speeds of up to 900Mb/s!

Did you know that our business solutions are far wider reaching and we already cover most of the UK?

Simply click here and we will take you to a dedicated area chock-full of cost-saving solutions and killer prices. Max speed. Max value. Minimal fuss.

That’s Giganet’s full fibre. Honestly.

Speeds up to 900Mb/s in Cheltenham
Benefits of hyperfast full fibre broadband

Cheltenham will soon be benefitting from...

No more buffering

You’ll say goodbye to buffering in Cheltenham with fast, reliable full fibre. No more waiting for things to load or video calls dropping. It’s internet you can rely on.

Friendly support

Our friendly Customer Service and Tech Support teams are all experts and are based in our Hampshire office. They are always happy to help.

Everyone online

Full fibre broadband is designed for everyone in your home or business to use at once. So supercharge your connection with Giganet.


We're bringing 900Mb/s internet speeds to Cheltenham

Fix Pledge

Highly trained team on standby to fix any issues. 6 hour fix for businesses

UK Support

From our friendly Customer Service and Tech Support teams

Rolling Contracts

We'll have 1 month rolling contracts (for home users)


Fast, reliable, personable, honest

With our focus on reliable, fast speeds and honest communication, we are here to be different.

We take care of our customers so when you need to speak with us we’re right here. No call centres, no scrolling through endless menu options, no frustratingly long wait times and no script. You’ll speak to real person and fast.

Our packages are designed with you in mind. We value honesty, so we don’t use confusing jargon or misleading welcome offers.

There’s never been a better time to switch to full fibre! Make sure to register your interest, so you can be the first to benefit from better broadband.

Giganet Gift to You-min

Wave bye-bye to the data drainers

Our full fibre promises that at home or at work, you can stream, scroll, upload and download, rapidly. All at the same time, on multiple devices. Great news for Cheltenham…

  • Stream/download 4k Ultra HD boxsets & movies in a blink
  • HD video call with your friends and colleagues, no freezing, no drops
  • Work effectively – unclog the cloud, share large files instantly
  • Get immersed in lossless multiplayer gaming with no latency