We get it. Many of you still value your landline

You asked, we listened. A number of our home phone customers asked us for more features, so we’ve been busy working on a brand new service. We’ll be moving over our current home phone customers first, then opening orders for new customers.

And at a time when the cost of living crisis is hitting home, all packages are either the same price or lower than our old ones. In fact, we have reduced our prices on most packages considerably.

Our new HomePhone service offers a host of exciting new features our customers asked for, including inclusive landline and mobile calls, number blocking, call forwarding, withhold number, voicemail and much more. And all included in one low fixed price of £4.90/month.

If you’re an existing customer, you don’t need to do a thing, and you’ll already have an email from us explaining your new package. If you’ve not yet signed up, just bear with us a little longer and we’ll be able to offer this to you too. You can still sign up for full fibre broadband. Once it’s available, you’ll be able to add on a phone package if you’d like to. It’s worth noting that if you’d like to keep your number, please wait until our new packages are available before you cancel your existing line rental. Otherwise, we won’t be able to transfer your number over.

Giganet home phone fibre broadband money saving

How does it work?

Our HomePhone packages are VoIP services, which run over your full fibre broadband. This means no phone line will be required, and your costs will stay low. You’ll be able to keep your existing home phone number, or request a new one if you prefer.

We whisk your number away into the internet so you don’t need your old copper phone line any more. This VoIP (which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol) service allows you to keep your landline number and telephone handset, but instead of connecting it to the socket in the wall, you connect it to your router. People call you in the same way, so you won’t lose touch with anybody.

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