We’ve put our home phone packages on pause.

We get it. Many of you still value your landline and we’ll soon be offering you some brand new home phone packages. These will be VoIP services, which run over your full fibre broadband. This means no phone line will be required, and your costs will stay low. You’ll be able to keep your existing home phone number, or request a new one if you prefer.

If you’re an existing customer with a home phone or virtual landline package, you don’t need to do anything. Your phone service will continue to work as normal, until we launch our new service. Then, we’ll let you know before we switch you over to the new service. There will be minimal disruption and you won’t notice any difference, apart from some snazzy new features.

Whilst we work on our brand new home phone options, you can still sign up for full fibre broadband. Once it’s available, you’ll be able to add on a phone package if you’d like to. It’s worth noting that if you’d like to keep your number, please wait until our new packages are available before you cancel your existing line rental. Otherwise we won’t be able to transfer your number over.