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Internet designed for healthcare

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Internet for healthcare

Find the best connectivity in the healthcare sector

Internet for healthcare delivered by trusted connectivity experts. We will compare options and help you save on fast, reliable connectivity for your practice, no matter the field.

We are an Internet Service Provider (ISP) which means we manage our own network end to end. A 100Mb/s on 1GB leased line starts at as little as £236 per month (excluding VAT).

Our team are knowledgeable, helpful and will find the best solution for your needs, that’s why we’re rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot. With a responsive team, 24/7/365 business critical support and proactive monitoring, your practice is in safe hands.

When you call us on 0800 107 8888 we will find the ultimate fit for you.

Healthcare professionals using business connectivity solutions
Check out our Helping Hands case study

Award-winning telecoms solutions supporting Helping Hands to grow

As one of our longest-standing customers, we have supported Helping Hands with a comprehensive set of communications solutions for over a decade. This includes an intuitive Splicecom phone system, lines and calls, high speed internet connectivity and more recently a call centre feature.

Read our case study to find out how we saved them money, whilst significantly improving their connectivity and telephony platforms, and increased resiliency too.

Care home staff helping residents using Giganet leased lines
Medic-Call telephony solution for healthcare

Telephony designed for care homes and domiciliary care

Wherever you sit within the healthcare sector, we know it’s important you have a communications partner you can truly depend on. Medic-Call delivers a range of voice solutions that either enhance, or if necessary, replace your current phone system, enabling you to deliver your services, exactly as you wish to, with ease.

Our telephony solutions have been designed specifically for the healthcare sector and we have been certified Splicecom Experts for almost two decades. With Medic-Call we can tailor our solution to your needs, to ensure seamless communication between residents, community services and staff.

With features such as emergency staff calling, admin portal, unified device support and more our Medic-Call solution is a rock-solid platform that will not only meet, but exceed your needs.

Hosted telephony desk phone products

Features fit for purpose

Unified Device Support

Having an appropriate telephone device is a fundamental requirement for a modern telephone solution. Medic-Call offers a range of desk phones, softphones for smartphones and PCs and cordless phones.

Emergency Staff Calling

This facility allows for an emergency number to be called, which will remain ringing on all devices in the hunt group until an acceptance code is entered into the answering device. Ensuring calls always get through to staff, not voicemail.

Medic-Call Attendant

This enables self-service, while freeing up your busy staff from handling repetitive tasks. Calls can route to staff, voice mail services or overflow during busy periods. Clear voicemail indicators on Desk and Cordless phones alert staff to new messages.

Remote Working

Medic-Call enables working from home to be as simple as being at your desk. Web Partner allows call control from any PC or laptop using a browser, desk phone, softphone or smartphone application, to simplify all your communications needs.

Admin Portal

The need to call us to administer simple configuration tasks on your system is eliminated with Medic-Call Admin Portal. This enables staff to make their own adds, moves and changes on their system such as changing staff in a hunt group.

Building Management

Medic-Call integrates with Ascom wireless and intelligent messaging solutions to send alerts to those who need to take action. Alarm panels, emergency pull cords in rooms, bathrooms and toilets and Lone Worker alarms are all supported, providing speedier responses, minimal disturbances and peace-of-mind.

Helping Hands

As one of our longest-standing customers, we have supported Helping Hands with a comprehensive set of communications solutions for over a decade. Over 120 branches nationwide rely on Giganet’s connectivity & communication solutions.

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