Giganet Connect

Market-leading communications for your business

Giganet Connect is a market-leading hosted telephony platform, delivering the full suite of Unified Communications features, integrations and fully supported hardware.

Log on anywhere with an internet access and utilise all system features, whether on desktop, mobile, handset or headset. Mobilise your workforce in an affordable, efficient way.

Fully integrate with your CRM system and Microsoft Teams, for enhanced reporting and complete visibility.

The solution delivers an evolving range of advanced call handling and management features through an intuitive interface.

Giganet Connect SoftPhone Hosted Telephony
packed full of features to supercharge your comms

Features include:

Desktop application

Whilst some prefer a traditional telephone, most of our customers opt for the desktop app. Connect a headset of your choice and you have a powerful and easy to use solution. ‘Click and dial’ saves time and you have quick access to the on-board directory. All the key features you would expect from a telephone, to reduce frustration, increase productivity and deliver stellar customer service.

Mobile application

With more staff on the move or working remotely, a powerful mobile application delivers a highly professional solution. Our mobile app is the most user-friendly and intuitive on the market. At a glance, users can see the status of colleagues and use the drag and drop feature to add people to a conversation, or start a conference call.

Microsoft Teams

MS Teams, as a standalone solution, offers very basic telephony functions.

However when deployed with Giganet Connect, it delivers exceptional productivity gains.

CRM integration

Giganet Connect is capable of being fully integrated with well-known CRM services such as: Salesforce, Microsoft, HubSpot, and many more. Screen popping can be enabled and calls automatically logged as a record in the CRM system.

Flexible location

Log on anywhere with an internet access and utilise all system features with a seamless connection. At work at home or on the move. Your customers will never know that staff are distributed across multiple locations.

Call routing & answering

Delivering exceptional service for your clients. Route calls to exactly where they need to go. Set up groups and teams to handle calls and overflow. Answer your incoming calls wherever you are, whatever time or day it is.


Use a fully featured handset, a desktop application or even your own mobile device. Users can also have a desk-based application with many drag and drop features including conferencing. A fully featured, intuitive and incredibly powerful mobile application.

Your choice of handsets & headsets

We offer a range of intuitive and powerful handsets that give you easy access to all the most frequently used system features. We do the same with headsets – a choice of modern, light, comfortable products with high quality audio.

Cost efficient

A simple monthly fee per user – just add internet. No more renting telephone lines from the network, as ISDN lines are being phased out. Call costs for local UK & UK mobile calls are included – 2,000 mins per user per month pooled. Support is included too, no more maintenance charges. And eliminate your engineering costs – most functionalities can be managed internally.