When may additional charges apply for my installation?

We’ll let you know in advance when your installation or planned engineer visit will be. If you are not at home for your planned slot, or the works can’t be completed for another reason, an Abortive Visit Charge may be applied.

The charge is applicable when we’ve informed you that the job has been confirmed for the date/time period in question, and the engineer has arrived on site within the appointment slot and:

  • The engineer is unable to gain access to the site or premises, or;
  • You are not ready for the work to be completed (e.g. scaffolding or building work), or;
  • The person who placed the order or their representative is not available to provide detailed work instruction (e.g. installation location), or;
  • An engineer is unable to complete the job due to an incorrect address, incorrect order, or order duplication etc, or;
  • A responsible adult is unavailable. Engineers cannot enter premises where they would be escorted solely by a person under the age of 18
  • You request that the appointment is cancelled or delayed where you provide less than 2 working days’ notice. Each late appointment cancellation or delay will be charged for separately

When the charge is not due:

  • The job has not been appointed
  • The engineer misses the appointment
  • There is no access to line plant (external infrastructure required to provide the service) which is not within your control
  • An engineer simultaneously delays more than one order at the same address. Only one charge will be raised
  • Faults are ultimately proven off the customer’s site and access wasn’t necessary
  • An engineer is unable to attend due to MBORC (matters beyond our reasonable control) scenarios such as snow, flooding, foot and mouth, security alerts etc.
  • Appointment slot details have not been correctly communicated within our systems
  • We failed to provide more than 3 working days notice of the visit
  • The engineering appointment has to be rescheduled due to inclement weather
  • Not enough time is remaining for the engineer to complete the works according to their shift
  • This charge does not apply to refused access on fault reports which is covered by Time Related Charges
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