What speeds should I expect on Wi-Fi?

There are many factors that play a role in the speed your wireless devices receive, such as electrical interferences, your microwave, fridge, Sky Q box, distance from the router and much more. Even the building materials of your home can play a part.

New homes are often built using aluminum foil backed insulation foam, which can have a similar effect to the thick brick walls of many older homes. Both impact on range and speed. And the device you’re using is important too… That 15-year-old laptop – no chance! The majority of older devices have no way of utilising the hyperfast speeds of today, as they just aren’t built for it.

The good news is that most devices in typical homes only need a few Mb/s to work absolutely fine.

We guarantee the speed and reliability to your router. Wi-Fi speed is always lower than being connected by a cable into your router, so if speed is really important to you, use a cable if you can. Read more Wi-Fi troubleshooting tips on our recent Wi-Fi troubleshooting article.

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