What is the range of an eero and where should it be placed?

Each eero device should cover an area of 190m2 or 1,500 ft2. However, this range is highly dependent on several factors, such as:

  • Your home’s building construction (older with thick walls, or new builds with foil-insultation)
  • Your home’s layout
  • Wi-Fi interference from neighbour’s routers
  • Where you place your eero router (out in the open is better than behind the TV!)

For the best experience, when adding additional eeros wirelessly, each eeros be no more than 50ft apart from another eero. This is to strike the balance to provide a good signal to the extra eero from the other eero and provide signal overlap.

eeros have the flexibility to be placed around the home, and the eero app will take you through best placement to ensure you are getting the most out of your system.

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