What is an eero speed test and what does it mean?

You can check your broadband speed within the eero app. This is the most reliable and supported method to test your speed, as it rules out any limitations of your device or Wi-Fi interference: 

  1. Open the eero app
  2. Tap Home (if not already selected)
  3. Tap on “Internet provided by Giganet” at the top of the screen (If this is hidden, click on the down arrow which is under your network name and “Online” status
  4. Click the “Run speed test” button at the bottom of the screen
  5. The results will be shown shortly

The speed test results show the download and upload speeds between your eero and the Internet. Your download speed is a measure of how fast information is traveling from the Internet to your eero network, and your upload speed reflects the speed of traffic going in the opposite direction.

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