What happens if I place a pre-order?

We offer the option to pre-order when full fibre broadband is not available today, but we believe you should be able to get connected in the next few weeks.  This could be for a few reasons:

  • You are in a location that is about to go live with Giganet
  • We’re live in your location but the fibre build has not quite reached your street yet
  • Our fibre build partners are waiting for permission from landlords and land-owners (wayleaves)
  • You live in a flat or apartment and it has not yet been cabled internally (MDUs)
  • You live on a private road

Whatever the reason, pre-orders make sure that you are connected as soon as possible.  This means that you get to the front of the queue and means you could be amongst the first in your street to experience the speed and reliability of full fibre. As soon as we are able to get you connected, we will email over some installation dates and further information.

There is no guarantee that every single home can be connected to full fibre and on the very rare occasions that this is not possible we will let you know, cancel your pre-order and refund any money paid.

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