How will the Cuckoo acquisition affect me as a business partner?

What is happening?

Giganet have acquired consumer broadband company, Cuckoo. As the rollout of full fibre accelerates over the next few years, together we are shaking up the UK broadband market by prioritising service and customer experience. It’s two companies combining forces to deliver increased excellence.

What does that mean for us?

It means that you will be working with a bigger and better company! It also means that together we may identify even more opportunities, which is very exciting.

What does this mean for me as a business partner?

We will continue to work with you in the same way, with the same agreements and terms in place, so, in reality, not much. We remain Giganet Ltd and you will still enjoy working with the same teams and faces with whom you are already familiar.

Who are Cuckoo?

Cuckoo is a challenger broadband company on a mission to become the UK’s fastest, fairest, feel-good internet service provider. Founded in 2020, Cuckoo is taking on a broken residential broadband market. Just as Revolut took on the banks, and Octopus Energy took on the energy providers, Cuckoo is ruffling feathers by bringing customers the fastest broadband speeds at fair prices and backed up by exceptional service.

Cuckoo has already been voted MoneySavingExpert’s top broadband provider for customer service twice in a row and is soaring ahead of other providers with a top Trustpilot rating. Cuckoo also charges loyal customers the same price as new customers.

Why is it happening?

There was a real opportunity for two like-minded brands to forge a partnership for residential customers. We will build on our stellar customer experience that will increasingly challenge the norm. Combining forces enables us to grow to millions of residential customers over the next few years (as we know this is the key period of change for UK broadband).

When is it happening?

Over the coming months we will start to merge residential teams, combining the strengths of both.

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