How do I add an additional eero device to my network?

For some homes, one eero isn’t quite enough. Thankfully, adding additional eero devices to extend your network is simple.

Below is our easy-to-follow guide on how to add new eero devices to your network.

Note: eero devices can connect to your gateway wirelessly or using an Ethernet cable.


  1. From the Home tab, tap on ‘+’ the in the top right.
    eero app homepage
  2. Tap Add or Replace an eero Device.
    eero app - add/remove device menu
  3. Tap Add eero Device.
    eero app - add eero device
  4. Plug in your new eero device to an outlet and tap Next.
    eero app - plug in eero device
  5. Once your new eero device is recognised, choose a location for your device.
    eero app - device location selection
  6. The device is now added. Tap Finish Setup, or select Add Another eero Device to add additional devices
    eero app - new device set up complete
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