Does Giganet offer home phone packages?

We know that many of you would still like a home phone. If you want to keep your traditional landline (where your phone plugs into the wall) you can. You will need to run this alongside our broadband service, from another provider, as this is not a product we offer. Alternatively, you can add a VoIP solution, which runs over the full fibre line, but this is not something we offer at this time.


We have two recommendations for VoIP services you could choose:

1. Vonage:

Good choice if: You are not technically savvy, you re looking for certainty and security from an established large, multinational provider with over 20 years’ experience of supporting VoIP customers.
Pricing: Plans start at £10.25 per month and include unlimited landline calls. https://www.vonageforhome.co.uk/plans/
Good to know: Order online, then a Vonage Box (adaptor) will be supplied, which connects your existing phones to your Giganet broadband

2. Andrews & Arnold:

Good choice if: You are technically savvy, comfortable with a basic VoIP service and switching to IP Voice handsets or sourcing your own from the list of compatible devices: https://support.aa.net.uk/Category:VoIP_Phones
Pricing: Plans start at under £2 per month on a PAYG basis (no included minutes), with additional charges for number porting: https://www.aa.net.uk/voice-and-mobile/voip-information/
Good to know: Unlike Vonage, you’ll need to supply or buy your own IPVoice handset. The model offered by Andrews & Arnold is priced at £109.


What about a solution from Giganet

Giganet are working on offering our own VoIP solution, so if you would like to get your phone and broadband services from us, this will be something you can add onto your package later this year. For those who would like to keep your number, or need a solution straight away, please use one of the providers above, or another VoIP provider of your choosing.

Please note: These are recommendations only, they are completely separate from Giganet’s service and we are not responsible for or provide any support for any issues with third-party services.

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