COVID-19 Precautions

To keep you safe and help restrict the possible spread of COVID-19, we are taking extra precautions during your full fibre install:

  • If you or a member of your household have tested positive for COVID-19, are displaying COVID-19 symptoms, quarantining or self-isolating on the installation date, please let us know urgently so we can reschedule.
  • You may receive a call the day before your installation date to check your COVID-19 status. Please note this may be from a withheld number.
  • Whilst the engineer is in your home, please:
    – Clear any clutter and open doors and windows in the area that the engineer(s) are working.
    – Vacate the room where the engineer(s) are working and stay 2m+ away.
  • To minimise the time spent inside your home, the engineer will typically carry out the install on an exterior wall closest to where the fibre cable comes inside.
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