Can I have a static IP address?

If you are an existing customer, you can add a static IP address to your account at any time. At the moment new customers are unable to add static IP addresses when placing their order on our website, but are working to get this option available very soon. If you are a new customer, just place your broadband order, then get in touch to let us know you would like a static IP.

Most home users don’t need a static IP address. But if you do (which is probably why you are reading this!) then you can add this to your account at any time*. It will be an additional charge of £3 per month. We do not offer more than one static IP address to home broadband users. To add a static IP address to your account, please contact us, by calling 0330 333 3006 or emailing service@giganet.uk.

*Static IP addresses are subject to availability.

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