Seamless communication

An introduction to Yappl

Yappl, previously known as A1 Comms, is a communications partner dedicated to keeping businesses better connected. It’s a new name, but its mission remains the same – to make communications and connectivity seamless, efficient, and effective.

Paired with decades of mobile networks and device experience, Yappl offers customers a suite of end-to-end telecoms and business mobile solutions. From dedicated full fibre lease lines and business FTTP, to cloud-based unified communications and VoIP telephony systems. Yappl provides over 3,500 customers with leading network, hardware and software solutions.

The Challenge

Improving the offering

Due to an ever-growing need to provide businesses with fast, reliable connectivity, Yappl were beginning to find that speeds offered by other partners were failing to keep up with demand. Eventually, these partners would struggle to maintain the kind of fast and reliable service many businesses depend on.

With big ambitions for future growth, Yappl were being hindered by other providers’ inability to present resilient business FTTP products on a larger scale – if at all. Some only extended their own on-net FTTP services, whereas other partners simply offered more niche and rather expensive ethernet services. With customers all over the UK demanding bigger bandwidth, Yappl were missing out on a large proportion of serviceable businesses that would benefit from the products and services in their portfolio.

For Yappl, it wasn’t just the desirability of business FTTP that encouraged the search for a new partner – ‘book to build’ time was particularly crucial. From point of order to installation, the process needed to be quick and simple to ensure customer requirements are met in a timely fashion. With other partners offering long lead times for service delivery, Yappl sought to find a partner that would fulfil their needs and the expectations of their customers.

The Solution

Robust FTTP & ethernet solutions

As a Giganet channel partner, businesses can take full advantage of a powerful triple network infrastructure. Uniting our own full fibre on-net build, with CityFibre and Openreach’s networks, a robust selection of business FTTP and ethernet products are unlocked, including the potential to service every business address in the UK.

Working closely with Partners to outline a shared Sales & Marketing strategy, we outline a range of products and solutions ideally suited to the needs of our Partners, and ultimately, the needs of their customers.

Giganet channel partners work on a fully white-label basis, allowing products to be branded and marketed as a partner’s own. All while maintaining complete ownership of customers, responsibility for billing, and first-line support – keeping them in complete control.

After taking the time to understand their business’s ambitions, challenges, and objectives, with Yappl, we have since gone on to forge a true partnership.


The solution

Accessing market-leading solutions

GDPR-compliant marketing

Access to GDPR-compliant marketing data across targeted locations in the UK.

Powerful products

Access to a powerful selection of business FTTP, ethernet offerings and new markets.

Campaign support

Support for unique campaigns such as canvassing, events, e-casts and telesales.

Campaign in a box

‘Campaign in a Box’ assets promote sales messages across multiple channels.

Sale incentives

Sales incentives that scale based on performance.

Future premises detail

‘Follow the build’ – future premises information shared up to 6 months in advance.

The Results

Unlocking new opportunities

Since becoming a Giganet channel partner, Yappl has unlocked and explored new business opportunities via our triple network infrastructure presented with CityFibre and Openreach.

Yappl could return to existing customers with an offering to upgrade their legacy FTTC connections to a newer, faster, and more reliable FTTP service. With that posed the perfect opportunity to update ageing telephone and CRM systems to modern cloud-based telephony and unified communications tools. These latest offerings, paired with the newly released business FTTP 160 product, dubbed the ‘copper killer’, has resulted in Yappl recording their best ever FTTP month in January 2023.

Because we’re not shackled by legacy revenues or systems, particularly on copper/fibre hybrid products and Ethernet services, it has enabled Yappl to be bold with their market propositions, gaining that edge over competitor brands.

The partner programme also addressed another of Yappl’s concerns – slow book to build times. At Giganet, we have the ability to facilitate quick, seamless connections, with installations in as little as 15 working days. So, be it new or existing, Yappl customers are now being connected much faster than before, meaning painfully slow connections are a thing of the past.

Woman browsing internet on laptop powered by Giganet connectivity

What the client had to say...

I see it as a very important strategic partnership for Yappl because Giganet brings together what we and our customers need, exactly where we need it, so the opportunities opened as a result of this partnership are massive.

James Bannister
Solutions Director at Yappl

Speeding fibre optic light trails through city