Setting the scene

An introduction to Internet4schools

In today’s digitally-driven world, access to high-speed internet is essential for educational institutions. Internet4schools recognised this need but faced several challenges in delivering reliable and fast connectivity to schools across the country.

Our partner case study explores how Internet4schools overcame these obstacles with the help of the Giganet Channel Partner Programme, revolutionising the way educational institutions connect and empowering them to unlock their full potential.

Internet 4 Schools
The challenges

The need for change

Internet4schools had been struggling to provide consistent and high-quality internet connectivity to schools due to limited resources and infrastructure constraints from other networks. Bandwidth constraints threaten to damage decades of investment and effort put into increasing the use of technology in education.

The heightened demand for online education, cloud-based applications, and digital learning platforms meant that schools’ dated connectivity solutions were quickly becoming insufficient. It became evident that a more robust and scalable solution was necessary to address these challenges effectively. Recognising the need for a partner with expertise in high-speed connectivity, Internet4schools turned to Giganet.

Teacher in classroom with students
Solutions and benefits

Unlocking possibilities through Giganet

The Giganet Channel Partner Programme offered a comprehensive set of solutions tailored specifically to the needs of educational institutions like Internet4schools. By leveraging Giganet’s cutting-edge technology and extensive network infrastructure, Internet4schools was able to deliver fast and reliable internet connections to schools nationwide.

The programme provided access to a wide range of connectivity options, including fibre optic, wireless, and hybrid solutions, enabling Internet4schools to choose the most suitable connection type for each school’s unique requirements.

Teacher with students in IT classroom
The results

Better connectivity for better learning

Schools that were once plagued by slow and unreliable internet connections now enjoy seamless connectivity, empowering students and teachers to fully leverage digital resources and engage in immersive online learning experiences. The Giganet Channel Partner Programme has not only helped improve Internet4schools’ ability to serve educational institutions effectively but has also positioned them as a leading provider of internet solutions in the education sector.

Internet4schools has partnered with Giganet to provide the best value when it comes to enabling fast and reliable full fibre broadband for our customers. The range of products they supply means we can find a competitively priced solution for any school, especially in CityFibre areas. We have increased some of our existing schools’ internet bandwidth up to ten times faster for the same cost as before.

Simon Bright
Commercial Services Manager

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