The Background

Connectivity to fuel a contact centre

Harlands Group are the UK’s largest provider of collection and credit control services for the leisure industry. They support over 1,800 sites and with more than 1.9m collections per month. Their customers include Marriott, The Gym Group, Simply Gym and Odeon among many others.

Harlands had been an existing phone system maintenance customer of ours for a number of years. When they asked us to provide a new omni-channel Cloud based Contact Centre solution, their connectivity had to be improved to facilitate this.


How did we help?

We connected group locations by combining new dedicated 100Mb/1Gb fibre Ethernet circuits with managed EoFTTC failover. Each circuit would be diverse to the other. Traversing different wholesale carrier networks as well as terminating in diverse Giganet core data centres. Two Juniper SRX300 routers were configured in VRRP mode at the customer sites. This is essential to maintain no single point of hardware failure. Two diverse private interconnects within Giganet’s MPLS core network with the cloud contact centre hosting provider’s MPLS core ensured that all communication would be private and benefit from managed Quality of Service (QoS) and seamless failover.

Harlands Group

The 100Mb/1Gb circuits were configured with multiple VLANs to allow private MPLS connectivity to the Cloud contact centre platform as well as a VLAN dedicated for Internet connectivity for the site and guest networks.

As the contact centre platform is mission critical to the organisation, further resiliency was added between Giganet’s core and the Cloud contact centre provider’s core by incorporating a resilient pair of Cisco Viptella SD-WAN routers at each customer site, that would provide auto-failover between the private MPLS link and a dynamic IPSec tunnel.

Harlands Group