An introduction to F One Technologies

Based in Southampton, Hampshire, F One Technologies provide businesses across the UK with access to the latest cloud-based phone systems, internet, Wi-Fi and mobile services.

From general offices to warehouses, care homes to estate agents, F One have over 1,300 clients reliant on their business, ranging from small one-man teams to large multinational organisations. Combining decades of telecoms experience the F One team offer their clients a complete end-to-end solution for connectivity.

F One Technologies
setting the scene

The challenge

When F One was founded in 2014, businesses’ data, CRM systems, and accounts packages were commonly stored onsite. Fast forward to today and migrating to a cloud-based platform has become the new norm, meaning reliable connectivity is no longer just desirable to customers, it’s essential.

With customers all over the UK demanding bigger bandwidth, F One began finding the FTTP speeds offered by other partners were growing insufficient for the needs of their clients. Eventually, these partners would struggle to maintain the connection many of these businesses relied upon, while for others, even a Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) connection was proving difficult.

With VoIP phone systems amongst the most popular solutions within F One’s service range, customers wanted to upgrade from their ageing telephone systems to modern cloud-based telephony. Faced with the inadequate FTTP coverage in certain areas and challenged by the slow upgrade paths available from ADSL to FTTC, or FTTC to FTTP, F One wanted our help to meet the demand.

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the solution

Becoming a partner

F One Technologies found they could offer access to CityFibre’s Business FTTP connectivity via the Giganet Channel Partner Programme.

As a Channel Partner, F One Technologies can take full advantage of a triple network infrastructure, accessing the power of CityFibre and Openreach’s networks alongside our own on-net build. By pairing their connectivity solutions with business FTTP, they unlocked the potential to service every business address in the UK.

Working closely with F One to draw up a bespoke Channel Partner model, we outlined a range of products and solutions ideally suited to F One and their customers.

  • Access to a powerful selection of business FTTP and ethernet offerings.
  • GDPR-compliant marketing data across targeted locations.
  • ‘Campaign in a Box’ assets promote sales messages across multiple channels.
  • Access to new markets through a unique infrastructure offering.
  • Support for unique campaigns such as canvassing, events, e-casts and telesales.
  • Sales incentives that scale based on performance.
  • ‘Follow the build’ – future premises information shared up to 6 months in advance.

Working on a fully white label basis, F One Technologies can now brand and market Giganet products as their own. They can maintain complete ownership of their customers and are responsible for billing and first-line support for their customers – keeping them in complete control.

Giganet Partners Power of Three
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Unlocking new business

Upon joining the Channel Partner Programme, we worked closely with F One Technologies to target specific areas where customers were most vocal about the lack of good business connectivity. We collated all serviceable addresses within three strategically targeted locations; Portsmouth, Gloucester and Cheltenham. Then we provided F One with clean, untapped data, enabling focused sales activity on organisations yet to be offered a Business FTTP product.

One of those leads was a Portsmouth-based organisation with 12+ establishments across the city. Unaware of their ability to upgrade to a full fibre connection, a quick appointment from the F One Technologies team opened new doors and as a result, many of these sites are now connected to F One’s Business FTTP and telephony systems.

Their proactive telemarketing team were able to call prospects and offer a truly exciting and unique service that these businesses would be otherwise unaware of. Giganet’s market-differentiating solution offers F One the edge over its competitors. With enhanced connectivity leading the conversation, the gateway opened. F One Technologies were presented with the perfect opportunity to upgrade businesses’ outdated telephony, Wi-Fi and mobile to those sought-after cloud-based solutions.


With F One Technologies being a big advocate for cloud-based telephony solutions, we rely on providing the best connectivity solutions available to our customers. We found the FTTP offering via other partners very limited regarding availability, so we went to the market to find an alternative provider. Since our first conversation with Giganet, we have found them really easy to work with. You are definitely treated as a partner as opposed to a standard dealer/reseller model.

Adam Monaghan
Co-Founder and Solutions Director
F One Technologies

F One Technologies
the result

Delighting existing business

Focussed on helping customers find best possible connections available, the Giganet Partner programme meant F One could offer the new Business FTTP products to their existing customers too. Presenting an opportunity to upgrade connections and offer speeds and services far greater than before.

Becoming a Giganet Channel Partner has enabled F One Technologies to adopt a new approach to sales. Previously, new business was predominantly gained via telemarketing and word-of-mouth. Now, with our offered campaign support, F One have been able to explore fresh avenues for marketing. With digital advertisements and Out of Home displays added to the mix, F One Technologies are finding new and exciting ways to promote their brand and offerings.


The partner programme with Giganet has opened doors for F One Technologies that we did not know were there.

Giganet offer a whole host of connectivity products and fibre offerings via a wide range of suppliers which is constantly growing. Since onboarding, we have managed to offer full fibre products to our existing base and prospective new customers. The pricing models are great and the help and support from onboarding to order has been fantastic.

Adam Monaghan
Co-Founder and Solutions Director
F One Technologies

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