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Giganet opens orders for Hythe residents

28th June 2023
Hythe marina now connected to full fibre broadband

Image: Hythe Marina in Hythe, Hampshire

Giganet is thrilled to announce the arrival of our hyperfast full fibre broadband in Hythe, with the first tranche as part of over 9000 homes now live. With download speeds of up to 900Mb/s, no exit fees, and a special offer of 3 months free, it’s never been easier to take the leap into the future of broadband.

Our full fibre broadband provides the essential boost your home needs, enabling seamless streaming of 4K films, immersive gaming experiences, and uninterrupted video chats with friends and family, all without the frustration of a poor connection.

By bringing full fibre broadband to Hythe, we’re helping to bridge the digital divide and offer residents and businesses access to a genuinely future-proof broadband network, capable of multi-gigabit speeds as internet-dependent technology and rising consumer needs evolve.


Tanya Thorne, Cheif Marketing Officer at Giganet said: “Launching our full fibre broadband in Hythe is a significant achievement for us. Like many other rural areas, Hythe has often been overlooked, resulting in subpar broadband connections. With our full fibre broadband, homes in Hythe can switch and save with 3 months free, while enjoying improved speeds and reliability.”

Our full fibre launch in Hythe encompasses over 9000 homes in the Dibden Purlieu region, as of June 2023. Residents can now conveniently order various full fibre broadband packages from our website, starting from as low as £32 per month.

As we continue to grow, we plan to extend the rollout of our full fibre broadband and connect more properties as we work towards our initial 300,000 home target.


Looking to make the switch?

To check you can get our full fibre broadband, enter your postcode on our website and choose your address. When you order, our team will help you install and set up your new full fibre broadband.

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