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Giganet brings full fibre broadband to Eastleigh

17th May 2023
Giganet engineers wearing orange high visibility jackets installing fibre optic cables in the ground for full fibre broadband services

Giganet installing full fibre broadband in Eastleigh

We’re leading the charge in bringing full fibre broadband to communities across the UK. Today we are proud to announce that orders are now open for the first homes and businesses on our Eastleigh network.

With full fibre broadband, Giganet customers can enjoy symmetrical download and upload speeds of up to 900Mb/s, allowing for seamless 4K streaming, gaming, and remote working.

In 2021, we announced our expansion to Eastleigh, Hampshire, heralding a much-needed full fibre broadband upgrade for the area. The move forms part of our wider investment plans across Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire and West Sussex, which aim to provide full fibre broadband to underserved parts of the south.

By bringing full fibre broadband to Eastleigh, we’re helping to bridge the digital divide and offer residents and businesses access to a truly future-proof broadband network, capable of multi-gigabit speeds as internet-dependent technology and rising consumer needs evolve.

Our launch in Eastleigh sees approximately 500 homes now able to order in the Bishopstoke and Stoke Park Woods region as of May  2023. We plan to continue our full fibre rollout and connect more properties as we work towards our initial 300,000 home target.

Liam Geary from Giganet said: “It’s incredibly exciting to see our full fibre broadband rolling out to even more locations including Eastleigh. It’s easy to order on our website and if your property is not covered by our initial rollout, you can register your interest to get notified when you can order.”

Residents in Eastleigh can check their postcode and choose from a range of broadband packages to suit their budget or needs, including our most popular 900Mb/s package for just £40. To celebrate the launch new customers can sign up for a 12-month term and get the last 3 months for free* allowing you to save even more on your annual broadband costs.

If you’re looking for a better deal on your broadband in Eastleigh, visit our broadband page and enter your postcode today. We’ll give you our best broadband deal available for your area.