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Giganet launches full fibre broadband in Fordingbridge

28th April 2023
Giganet full fibre broadband has launched in Fordingbridge

Giganet full fibre broadband has launched in Fordingbridge

The town of Fordingbridge was left behind in the broadband race. With average speeds of 75Mb/s, it was time to pick up the pace. Raising the speed limit – Giganet is bringing fast and fabulous broadband to Fordingbridge.

This week, we’re super excited to announce the launch of our full fibre broadband service in the rural town of Fordingbridge, New Forest. No longer will downloads drag or video streams suffer from buffering woes. Thanks to Giganet, over 700 homes, can now access full fibre broadband bringing hyperfast speeds up to 900Mb/s.

The launch marks a significant development for the area, which has historically suffered from a lack of reliable internet connectivity. Standard broadband download speeds in Fordingbridge currently sit at a mere 75Mb/s on average, which by today’s standards is a lot less than most busy homes demand. It’s even worse when you look at the average upload speed which is a painful 18Mb/s!

Full fibre broadband offers a welcome boost to homes and businesses struggling to keep up with the digital age. Boasting symmetrical download and upload speeds, Giganet customers in Fordingbridge can stream in 4K without the slightest bit of buffering, video call colleagues without the robotic interruptions and game with minimal ping.

Our broadband is available at competitive prices, in straightforward, broadband-only packages. Right now, new customers can also get three months for free on a 12-month term – potentially slashing up to £120 off your annual broadband cost.  Better yet, we promise not to increase your bill part-way through a contract like so many other Internet Service Providers – enabling you to manage your outgoings without any nasty surprises.

Available broadband packages in Fordingbridge:

Package Speeds Price
Fibre 150 150Mb/s £32
Fibre 300 300Mb/s £35
Fibre 500 500Mb/s £37
Fibre 900 900Mb/s £40


Giganet and our partners are excited to be at the forefront of the UK’s full fibre transformation. Launching our broadband services in Fordingbridge isn’t just a sign of what’s to come, its also a sign of our commitment to delivering high-quality hyperfast broadband services to rural or hard to service areas.

If you’re living in Fordingbridge, looking to bring a much-needed boost to your broadband or find a big saving on your monthly bills, check your postcode for availability.

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