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Giganet launches full fibre broadband in Tadley

27th March 2023

Looking for faster internet? Giganet are ‘chomping at the megabit’ to announce the launch of our full fibre broadband service in Tadley, a town located in the Basingstoke and Deane district of Hampshire.

The launch is a significant milestone for the local community, bringing much-needed improvements to local broadband speeds and levelling up the area with reliable internet connectivity.

Giganet engineer wearing orange high vis jacket parked on side of road in Tadley installing full fibre broadband.

Giganet installing full fibre broadband in Tadley

Around 800 households in Tadley can now place an order and connect to Giganet’s hyperfast full fibre network, offering a more reliable connection to the internet and speeds up to 900Mb/s. That household number is expected to grow as Giganet continues to build its network in Tadley and the surrounding areas in 2023.

This is a massive upgrade in contrast to the conventional broadband connections that are available in Tadley, which are often sluggish and suffer signal loss over greater distances from the fibre exchange cabinet (those green boxes you see at the end of your street). With Giganet’s full fibre broadband, residents in Tadley can now benefit from hyperfast downloads perfect for gaming and working from home. You can stream 4K tv with ease, and keep all those smart home gadgets running smoothly, thanks to a significantly bigger bandwidth.


Giganet’s introduction of full fibre broadband in Tadley is a part of the organisation’s more comprehensive efforts to extend its network and provide hyperfast broadband to thousands of homes and businesses across the UK. The full fibre network uses the most up-to-date fibre-optic technology to supply hyperfast full fibre broadband speeds straight to homes and businesses, without relying on copper telephone lines originally built for communications in the 1930s.


Tanya Thorne, Chief Marketing Officer said: “This is great news for Tadley’s local community as full fibre broadband becomes more widely available. The area has suffered from slow broadband for decades and has long asked for better speeds and reliability. Over the last few years, there has been a rapidly growing demand for high-speed broadband across the UK, but many ISPs have forgotten about these amazing local communities. Thankfully, Giganet is now able to offer this much-needed boost to Tadley.”


Giganet’s full fibre broadband service also offers a range of benefits, including symmetrical upload and download speeds, which means users can upload content as quickly as they can download it. This is particularly important for businesses and individuals who rely on cloud-based storage services, video conferencing, and other online applications.

The introduction of full fibre broadband in Tadley is a huge development for the local community and a big stride towards accomplishing better broadband connectivity across the UK.

If you’re looking to increase your broadband speed and reliability, check your postcode today.