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Failed connection: 60% of Scots want to ditch a date before it’s even over

14th February 2023

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, new research from internet service provider (ISP) Giganet has revealed residents in Scotland are struggling to connect on the dating scene with three-fifths (60%) admitting they’ve wanted to leave a date before it was over – resulting in one in ten (11%) being ‘ghosted’.

The Valentine’s Day survey, conducted in partnership with Censuswide to herald the arrival of Giganet’s full fibre broadband in Scotland, gathered views from 1,000 respondents across the country on their attitudes towards modern dating.

The survey revealed some interesting dynamics in the dating world. Statistics indicate women are more likely than men to want to leave a date before it was over – with almost two-thirds (64%) of women admitting to experiencing this, compared to half of the men (51%).

For those feeling like Valentine’s Day is a non-event, Giganet is offering Scots another chance to find a love connection. From 17th February, cities across Scotland will start to benefit from better connections thanks to Giganet’s first-class full fibre broadband network.

First impressions are everything and when it comes to paying for a first date, half of respondents agreed that the bill should be split (50%). While men said they spent between £51 and £100 (49%) on a first date, women spent under £50 (56%). The average amount spent on a first date in Scotland is £50.88.

50% of surveyed people would split the bill

Whether it’s streaming or internet shopping, homes in Renfrewshire, Inverness, Aberdeen, Dundee, Stirling, Glasgow and Edinburgh will be able to connect with reliable, hyper-fast broadband and fall in love ‘no strings attached’. Giganet even picks up the tab and offers the first three months for free.

In fact, a strong connection is the perfect way to touch base in the days following a first date. Around a quarter (24%) of Scots wait between one and five days to make contact, while those in the 16-24 age bracket (23%) are keen enough to reconnect with their date within an hour of meeting.

Unfortunately, not everyone’s hearts are left racing following a first date. One in ten (11%) will cut all ties and never connect with their date again. While Giganet has no hard feelings if you want to leave – with no exit fee in sight – cutting ties can be harder after a date gone wrong. ‘Ghosting’ was at its highest in the West of Scotland with one in five (19%) avoiding post-date contact.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. At around the six-month mark, people know how they feel about a connection and whether they want to move to the next milestone or cut ties for good. Scots are no different and results found that it takes between three and six months (50%) to take the plunge and say ‘I love you’.


While 11% of Scottish residents will never connect with their date again, we want to ensure everyone has a fast, reliable connection to their broadband.

Honesty is the foundation Giganet is built on, so being able to give Scots peace of mind when they sign up is key. Unlike uncomfortable dates, we won’t force our customers to stay when they want to leave – offering no mid-contract hikes or exit fees and the first three months free.

Hidden costs are the last thing people need in the current climate. We vow to be transparent where and when we can to keep people connected and contented.

Tanya Thorne, Chief Marketing Officer at Giganet


Last year, the ISP scooped the coveted award for Overall Fibre Provider of the Year at the 2022 Fibre Provider Awards.

For more information on Giganet or to see if your postcode is eligible, take a look at our full fibre broadband.

Key dating statistics in Scotland:

• Gen Z (16- 24) Scots are much more likely to contact their date within an hour of meeting (23%)

• Aberdonians are the cheapest first dates with 15% not spending a penny

• One in ten (10%) Stirling locals will never say ‘I love you’

• People in Dundee are the most likely to say ‘I love you’ within the first month (3%)

• People from Inverness were the most content with their dates, with (52%) having never thought about leaving before it was over

• Three in five (60%) Glaswegians and Edinburgh locals have wanted to ditch a date before it was over

• People from the West of Scotland are most likely to be ‘ghosted’ after a first date (19%)


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