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Giganet arrives in Scotland

10th February 2023

Attention Scotland! Hyperfast broadband has landed!

Almost 360,000 homes across Scotland will finally be able to access full fibre broadband and speeds up to 900Mb/s this month, thanks to Giganet, one of the UK’s fastest-growing Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

The arrival of full fibre is great news for homes and businesses in Scotland. If you’ve been frozen on a video call or bored by slow data transfers and buffering… this is the broadband upgrade you’ve been waiting for.

A reliable connection to full fibre broadband in Scotland can’t come soon enough. While a report completed by Intelligens Consulting highlights how Scotland has increased its full fibre coverage from 29% to 36%, Scotland still lags behind the UK by almost 5% in the full fibre broadband rollout race.

Following CityFibre’s multi-million-pound network build across the country, Giganet will be able to connect thousands of homes and businesses across Scotland to faster, more reliable broadband in the coming months.

The investment has seen an enormous amount of infrastructure go into the ground. The rollout aims to future-proof nearly every home in Scotland with a reliable connection. Even better, full fibre is capable of faster speeds as demand increases. Once your home has been upgraded, you won’t need to install new cables to upgrade your broadband for decades.

In Glasgow alone, more than 2600km of fibre optic infrastructure has been laid. Enough to reach all the way to Moscow! Stirling was the UK’s first completed CityFibre Gigabit City, in Aberdeen, investment recently reached £59m, in Edinburgh its £100m and there’s enough full fibre cabling in Inverness to cover the length of Loch Ness ten times. And that’s just the start.

Full fibre broadband offers enough bandwidth to keep everyone in your home online at once. Data-heavy activities like 4K streaming or online gaming will be smooth and reliable, even if everyone in the house is doing it at the same time.


Benefits of Giganet’s full fibre broadband

Choosing Giganet means you get some of the best benefits available! Our full fibre broadband has no exit fees, a free Wi-Fi router, honest pricing and UK based customer service.

  • Free installation and unlimited usage*
  • Symmetrical speeds up to 900Mb/s*
  • Free eero Pro 6E Wi-Fi router (RRP £249)
  • No exit fees or long contracts
  • Real human customer support
  • No mid-contract price increases


This is great news for both local communities and Scotland as full fibre broadband becomes more widely available. Over the last few years, there has been a rapidly growing demand for high-speed broadband in Scotland and finally, Giganet are able to provide it.


Improving local infrastructure

New infrastructure in seven locations means that Scottish broadband connectivity is being future-proofed for many years to come. The completely new network utilises fibre optic technology, to reach gigabit speeds far greater than the copper cabling used for broadband.

The new infrastructure and technology form part of a wider rollout of full fibre across the UK. Amidst talk of ‘levelling up’ Britain, a target of 85% national coverage has been set by the UK government and must be achieved by 2025. By reaching this milestone in Scotland, we’re pleased to be progressing and helping the nation meet this target .


What locations does Giganet cover in Scotland?

Currently, Giganet’s full fibre broadband is rolling out to the following towns and cities: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling, Aberdeen, Inverness, Renfrewshire, Dundee.

These locations can also benefit from 3 months free full fibre broadband, with symmetrical speeds up to 900Mb/s.
As full fibre broadband becomes more widely available to both homes and businesses in Scotland, Giganet has plans to launch more locations in the coming months and years.

With these speeds, homes and businesses in Scotland will be able to stream, video call and game in high resolution, without interruption. Not only that, but broadband connections won’t slow during peak times when it’s needed most.
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