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Meet Chris – Giganet Installation Engineer

11th October 2022

Chris our Giganet fibre Installation Engineer wearing orange high visibility jacketEver wondered what it’s like to be a Giganet Installation Engineer?

This week our staff blog talks to Chris, who joined the Giganet installation team in January this year. His job is primarily based out in the field, helping build our new full fibre infrastructure safely, efficiently, and effectively.

So, Chris, What made you join Giganet?

“Giganet simply looked like it was a company that was going places, so I took the leap. My passion has always been technology, and as an Installation Engineer at Giganet I can really let my skills and passions shine.”

What does a typical day look like as a fibre Installation Engineer?

“A typical day starts with checking the day’s job schedule via the field service app on my phone or tablet. Next thing is to organise our team meeting times, and discuss the day’s install plan.

We then call our first customer to let them know we’re on our way. Once we’ve arrived and assessed the area for any risks or hazards, we chat to the customer and walk around their property to find the safest and best way to carry out our work. We want all our customers to be happy and satisfied with the work we’re about to undertake in their home. Before any work commences. Once everything has been agreed and signed off, we get on with the job, ensuring that the customer is kept informed every step of the way, offering them peace of mind that they know what we’re up to.”

What happens during a full fibre install?

“Well, we can install full fibre broadband in two different ways – either underground or overhead. We use whichever method causes the least disruption for our customer and other local residents. Whichever the is most suitable, we then bring the fibre into the customer’s home. We drill a small hole to bring it inside their home and to a discreet ONT box we install on their wall. We then connect that up to the router and tidy away any mess we may have made.”

Chris full fibre engineer sat by a lake wearing sunglasses

“After the installation is completed, and everything is neat and tidy, we test the equipment on areas such as speed test and light levels. Once all work is completed, we walk around with the customer to ensure they’re happy with the work, help them set up devices and test Wi-Fi strength around their home. It’s important to ensure each customer is getting the best level of broadband connection possible before we leave their property. Once the job is signed off by the customer, its off to the next job. On finishing our day, we ensure every job we attend is completed to the highest standard possible.”

What do you do when you’re not installing full fibre?

“In my spare time, I’m an avid SCUBA diver and have been diving since I was 8. I am qualified up to instructor level, and I’m also a fully qualified commercial air diver. To unwind at home, I really love a bit of gaming, especially playing flight simulations and a bit of horror for those additional adrenaline rushes!”

What would you say to anyone thinking about a career with Giganet? 

“I love the company, culture and my colleagues. Everyone’s been extremely welcoming. I’ve been given great opportunities and the ability to have my say in the way we perform day-to-day operations out in the field. That really brings job satisfaction to me.

Recently, I’ve been able to help with the development of the Installation team’s field service app. It involved a presentation with our Head of Department to the Executive Team. A proud but nerve-wracking moment for me, and a success thank goodness!

So, to anyone thinking of joining us – I’d say do it! We have lots of roles available, in all areas of the business, so there’s bound to be something that will fit.”

If you’d like to start your career with Giganet as a fibre installation engineer, or in any one of our rapidly growing departments, you can view all our current vacancies here.

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