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Fordingbridge homes to get access to full fibre broadband

8th April 2022

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Fordingbridge is to get access to full fibre broadband , with work already underway. Giganet, a business and consumer internet service provider (ISP) is also in the process of building up its own network. The Hampshire-based company says it has chosen to bring future-proof full fibre internet to a number of under-served towns in Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset and West Sussex and has specially selected areas that have been “left out of previous full fibre rollouts by other providers”.

During a Fordingbridge Town Council meeting on March 3, a presentation was given by Giganet with representatives stating: “Some of the areas we are currently focusing on are Ferndown, Wimborne, Fordingbridge, Malborough, Devizes, Winchester and Tadley, but that is set to grow. We are going to be delivering full fibre to a lot more.”

Giganet will be providing infrastructure for full fibre broadband as well as being a service provider for the internet and connecting residents to the new network. Work has already been carried out by Giganet in Ferndown, which was the company’s first own build location.

Fordingbridge is to get access to full fibre broadband

A meeting with Fordingbridge Town Council 

The meeting heard a government initiative was looking to bring the UK’s internet capabilities up to meet those in Europe and redundant copper cabling was being replaced by fibre optic cabling. Openreach’s commercial rollout will undertake a large portion of this work, but progress in smaller towns has been slow to take off.

But Giganet, the representative told councilors, was looking to get “ahead of the curve” by bringing faster internet to under-served towns, before any rollout by Openreach.

The vast majority of Fordingbridge residents will be able to make use of Giganet’s new fibre connections this year, with the rollout fully being complete by early 2023.

The existing ducts and telephone poles where available would be used, to minimise disruption. Giganet says it aims to provide full fibre to cover 4,500 properties in the Fordingbridge area. The work to put in the infrastructure started this month. It would be done in stages – 100 properties at a time, the Giganet representative explained.

Downton is also due to get full fibre

Fordingbridge aren’t the only town to get access to full fibre broadband. Downton is also due to access full fibre coverage. With work on building the infrastructure set to start in the summer.

Giganet CEO Jarlath Finnegan said: “We’re offering something completely new and different with our service, a reliable internet connection built directly to your door with no installation fee, no automatic price rises after contract, guaranteed speeds and real human UK based customer service.”

“As an experienced provider, it is an exciting time for Giganet as we look to become the leading ISP in the region. We’re bringing people together like never before and creating sustainable high tech job opportunities for local communities.”

More than 200 new jobs are being created in the regions Giganet is building in, providing fantastic opportunities to grow local economies.

Keen to get full fibre broadband where you live?

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