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Partnering with Anixter to deliver full fibre, faster

2nd February 2022

We have entered into a multi-year agreement to support the expansion of hyperfast full fibre delivery to premises throughout the UK, with Anixter, a leading global supply chain solutions provider and subsidiary of Wesco International.

Against a backdrop of the UK government’s vision to increase access to gigabit broadband in the UK to 85% by the end of 2025, the agreement represents an innovative solution to the operational challenges faced by ISPs trying to efficiently scale their network and services to meet a constantly growing demand for high-speed broadband internet access.

With over 60 years of experience in supplying logistics and supply chain services, Anixter will provide its trusted end-to-end supply chain management expertise. This will allow Giganet to focus on our core expertise in providing hyperfast, reliable and affordable internet services for both consumers and businesses, alongside first-class, UK-based customer support and service.

The agreement is the culmination of more than four months of close collaboration and discussions between the leadership teams of both companies. It will deliver benefits including increased speed of fulfilment, economies of scale and purchasing, operational and administrative efficiencies and cost-effective deployments.

Jarlath Finnegan, Giganet CEO, says, “This type of collaboration and innovation will ensure that Giganet can deliver on our vision to be the best ISP. We want to connect customers, and Anixter can help us achieve this in the most efficient way. We see this type of approach as a game changer within the ISP industry, allowing us the flexibility to operate nationwide without the logistic and warehousing challenges normally associated with these activities.”  

Under the terms of the collaboration, Anixter will provide:

  • Stockholding and material management services
  • Deployment enhancement services
  • Vendor rationalisation and management
  • Passive infrastructure provisioning for ducts, sub ducts, chambers and fibre cables

The new partnership assists Giganet in pursuing our ambitions to become the best full-fibre ISP in the UK, and it aligns with the UK government’s initiatives to provide consumers with more choices for reliable and speedy broadband and internet service, particularly to rural areas, with faster installation times and lower service costs.

We are busy connecting homes and businesses right across the UK and today we can reach over 7 million premises and growing. Our £250 million funding agreed in mid-2021 has enabled us to build our own network, accelerate growth, and support vast swathes of the UK. Check your postcode to find out whether you can get connected.