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BDM Dale talks growth and company culture

27th October 2021

I am over six months in now, and wow, what a journey I’ve been on! When I started, we were a small ’20ish’ strong team in a 2-storey office. We’ve rebranded in a short six months, grown to nearly 100 staff, and opened two beautiful offices.

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Our BDM Dale doing what he does best

In that time, I’ve seen many more join, but none left, which tells you all you need to know about the company’s culture and ethos. In that time, we’ve been treated to several office lunches, a trip to Thruxton and a whole company quarterly update to ensure everyone is working towards common goals.

Despite our fast-paced growth, the open-door policy from our Senior Exec team has not changed! They can be regularly found near the pool table at lunch and are more than happy to hear everyone’s views and opinions. They certainly don’t live in an ivory tower or locked away in a room.

The Sales & Marketing teams recently did a psychometric colour workshop, which helped us better understand each other and hopefully enabled us to work more efficiently together. We also ran an anonymous staff engagement survey, which shows how much the SMT care about keeping staff happy.

When I started at Giganet, I had the foundation knowledge needed to understand people’s requirements and went on several courses to increase my personal development on IoT. But dealing with some large blue-chip companies and introducing more staff in the NOC and I.T departments has helped me develop my understanding further.

Things I’ve particularly enjoyed over this period is negotiating large multi-site deals with FTSE listed companies, as well as landing a contract to supply as a VIP’s castle home. September was excellent – with the help of Neil and Mel, our two admirals, everybody in the team hit a P.B, and as a result, the team broke long-established records. This was all recognised by the SMT in our quarterly awards, where they rewarded us for our efforts.

Overall, the last six months have been a time of huge growth both for me personally and for the Giganet team. I’m looking forward to what else is in store.