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Meet one of Giganet’s Technical Support Engineers – Edward

14th October 2021

After graduating from university in July, I decided it was time to start my career in an IT role. Before going to university to study computer networking, I previously worked as an advisor for an energy company. Comparing the two, working for Giganet is a completely different and exciting experience.

Technical Support

Giganet’s Technical Support Engineer, Ed.

I applied for the role of Technical Support Engineer, as it seemed like a perfect fit. After two interviews and speaking with Terri, Matthew and Mike gave a clear view of what Giganet is working towards and what the company wants to achieve.

Although this is only my third week, everyone I have spoken to has been extremely welcoming, friendly and helpful. People here are extremely approachable, and I think that’s what makes this place so different.

I have already learnt a lot in the short time I have been here, and any problems or questions I’ve had have been sorted. I am enjoying being part of the growing technical team and the amount of support I have received has been amazing.

This really motivates me to do my best work in representing the company when talking to customers over the phone.

I’ve always enjoyed speaking with customers however, with Giganet I’m really proud of the product and service we offer, which makes it so much more enjoyable and rewarding.

I highly recommend working at Giganet. Being a part of this company is a fantastic opportunity and what we are aiming to achieve over the upcoming months and years is extremely exciting.