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Our Customer Service Advisor – Charlotte

7th October 2021
Customer Service Advisor

Lottie – One of our Customer Service Advisor

I was at a point in my life where I wanted a challenge, and I’d hit a stage where I was looking to improve myself; for me. Having two children and a husband in the military, my career had taken a back seat.

Now, it felt like it was my time to shine!

When applying for my position at Giganet, I had no previous experience in an office environment. At the time, I was working in a local supermarket, but the customer service experience I learned gave me the skills I needed to take my next step.

From the moment I sent my CV to Giganet, they have been nothing more than welcoming. In addition, they kept me informed throughout my whole interview process. It just felt right. A few weeks after my first phone call, I was offered the position. I was excited and nervous, all at the same time, but I knew this was meant to be.

Starting a new job during a global pandemic and lockdown was a learning curve in itself. Going from seeing people face to face every day to working from home was enough of a challenge, especially whilst learning a new job at the same time.

On top of this, my family was getting used to me working full time. It was manic and still is, but it flows and works. Knowing that I have the support from my family and a great company makes it all the more rewarding.

I have now been at Giganet for seven months and enjoying being in the growing company’s full flow. Many things have changed, and with Giganet’s continuous growth, I have been allowed to progress within my role. The customer service team is expanding, which means I am taking on new and exciting tasks.

Each member of our team is different in their own way. However, we respect each other for their traits, and all of our strengths work to make an awesome team. One of which I am proud to be included in. My team members respect me, and we help each other; no question is a silly question and knowing you can say ‘I did my very best’ means that we can hit our team’s full potential.
Having a supportive team is key.

As a Giganet customer service adviser, we aim to offer outstanding service. On a daily calendar, I work with orders from the placement stage, through to the customer going live with us and beyond. I take incoming calls and liaise with our suppliers to give our customers the first-class service they require. We pride ourselves at Giganet in our customer service. No scripts, no long on hold waiting times and always friendly. We like to be different to our providers, which means as a customer adviser I need to know our product, our systems and how to resolve issues quickly and without stress. Researching is key to my role. When customers call in, they don’t want to be passed to many different people before getting a resolution. I take pride in my work and how I assist our customers—always being polite and knowing that at the end of each day I have gone above and beyond to deliver what Giganet promises.

In the past month, my home life has been a little manic. My youngest has started school and my husband was deployed at very short notice with the military – all within the same week.

Not once did I think I couldn’t juggle everything. I was able to go to every settling-in session with my youngest and be there for every school drop-off and pick-up. As a mum and military spouse, this is more than I could have asked for. Home-life balance is key. Giganet understands this and looks after their employees, which reflects on our positivity within the company.

I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. You can only guide your future in the direction you wish. This job came to me at the right time. Now, my personal development is blooming, which is showing in all aspects of my life. I am now not just ‘Mum’ I am ‘Lottie’ again!